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I recall a time when LCD was by far the most popular display technology used for smartphones, but even then OLED panels were constantly pushed on the market by certain manufacturers like Samsung. This is because although LCDs can reproduce colors more accurately in most cases, OLEDs (or AMOLEDs) are more power efficient, and in […]


With MWC just around the corner, the participant companies are starting to announce (or tease if we’re talking about Samsung) what people will be able to see during the show. Usually, at MWC we also get a glimpse of what the future holds and today Kyocera announced that it will do just that, reminding us […]


Lately, the Apple Watch made the headlines quite often, partly because the gadget is getting closer to the finish line with each passing day. Another reason however, is because there are numerous debates regarding the gadget’s performance. Some say that the Watch will sell well, but it won’t be a game changer; because of its […]


If history is any indication then this year, both Samsung and TSMC should be locked in a race to become Apple’s main supplier for the upcoming A9 SoC. Up until now the odds were in Samsung’s favor due to various reasons – one of which is the fact that the Korean tech giant recently formed […]

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While major chipset manufacturers like Qualcomm continue to rely on 20-nm technology for their top-range processors, several months ago Samsung managed to wow us by upping its game and developing 14-nm FinFET chips for the mobile market. According to the numerous leaks and rumors that emerged so far, these 14-nm FinFET SoCs will debut on the […]

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Samsung is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, and although the company has been losing some ground lately (at least in China), Samsung still remains a major player in the smartphone game, as well as one of the biggest hardware suppliers for the market as a whole. This is one of the […]


It’s a well-known fact that Samsung and Apple have been at each other’s throats for many years, but lately the tension between the two tech giants diminished. It actually all started last summer when Apple and Samsung decided to make peace for the sake of business and profit, and have dropped most of their legal […]

JDI Announced New Smartwatch Display, Focuses On Reducing Power Consumption

With the Apple Watch just around the corner, the smartwatch market is expected to suffer some changes this year. If analysts are correct in predicting that the Watch will reign supreme for years to come, chances are that all other manufacturers will raise the bar in order to be able and compete. From our point […]


While Samsung’s Exynos business seems to be gaining a lot of grip, LG is apparently not giving up on the idea of building in-house processors either. Sadly though, LG’s first attempt at creating its own chipset didn’t work out too well and we all know the disappointment that followed NUCLUN’s debut last year. However, a […]

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Samsung has been working on Tizen for several years now, but it was only last month when the Korean tech giant released its first Tizen-powered smartphone, the Z1. The aforementioned device landed on the Indian market on the 14th of January and was then released in Bangladesh on February the 3rd. Interestingly enough though, it […]

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