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The HTC One E8 has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumors during these past several weeks, although back then the handset was referred to as the “One Ace“. Those of you who are familiar with the Ace should recall that HTC was advertising it as a fashionable device, despite the fact that, unlike […]


It looks as if there’s not one day passing by without a leak or rumor concerning Apple’s plans going public. Oftentimes, the iPhone 6 and / or the iWatch make the headlines multiple times a day, and sure enough, this is one of those days. Earlier today we’ve shared a motherload of leaked iPhone 6 […]

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Ever since it’s been officially announced, the NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip has been one of the most exciting hardware components of the year. At the launch event, the manufacturer claimed that the unit can be more powerful and energy efficient than an Xbox 360, and sure enough the SoC at hand is a beast, as […]


The large majority of Apple enthusiasts had a blast last week, when the Taiwanese actor / professional race car driver Jimmy Lin shared a handful of pictures with what appeared to be a real 4.7-inch iPhone 6. You may also recall that some voices were claiming that the showcased unit is not the real deal, […]


During the past several months, LG made the headlines at a pretty steady rate, mostly thanks to the tremendous LG G3 hype. Nevertheless, there is also a good number of rumors that keep LG enthusiasts on their toes, such as the idea that the LG G3 will soon be accompanied by a Snapdragon 805-powered variant. Recent […]


Based on past events it seems that Huawei has been cooking up a brand new flagship smartphone for quite some time. It was back in April when we first discussed about a possible new top-tier device coming from Huawei’s factories, and the leaks and rumors kept popping-up occasionally, as if to remind us that what […]

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Samsung is by far one of the most active Android smartphone manufacturers in the world, as the Korean tech giant has the tendency to release so many handsets that it’s oftentimes difficult to keep track of all of them and their various configurations. As most of you already know though, at the top of the […]


Oddly enough, despite the fact that the freshly announced LG G3 is not yet available for purchase outside of South Korea, we’re starting to hear a lot of rumors regarding an LG G3 follow-up / refresh. Those of you who have been with us last week might recall the report suggesting that said “refresh” will […]

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Although Sony has already unveiled and released a handful of smartphones since the beginning of the year, the mobile world never sleeps, and with the second half of the year closing in fast, you can bet that the majority of smartphone manufacturers out there are already working on their next series of handsets. Evidently, Sony […]


If you’ve followed the mobile blogosphere last week, then chances are that you’ve stumbled across the latest iPhone 6-related leak, one way or another. As a quick recap, the big story was that just a few days ago, the Taiwanese actor / professional race car driver known as Jimmy Lin shared a handful of photos […]

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