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The Xiaomi MiNote was unveiled and released back in January, carrying Gorilla Glass 3 on both the front and the back panel. Much like most of Xiaomi’s latest top-tier handsets, the MiNote delivers superior build quality over many of its rivals, most of which are offered at much higher prices. To make things even more […]

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The wearable market is earning more fans with each passing quarter and now that Apple is gearing up for the release of the Watch there’s a lot of buzz going on regarding this particular niche. Will Apple succeed in winning the market over, posing multiple-year leadership over the competition? Obviously we can’t really be certain […]

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Last week, HTC broke the silence and gave the press a concrete release timeframe for the HTC One M9 in Taiwan – the first market to actually receive the company’s latest flagship. Gadget enthusiasts in the area who have already pre-ordered the smartphone were informed that the One M9 will be delivered by March 16, […]

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a very unique smartphone that required the Korean company to perfect numerous manufacturing processes in order to make it a reality. One of the biggest achievements is the so-called 3D Thermoforming technology, which allowed the company to create the double-edge display of the device. However, 3D Thermoforming isn’t an […]


As was the case during these past several years, the main contenders for manufacturing the next generation of Apple chipsets (A9 and A9X) are TSMC and Samsung. The main question however, is which one of these companies will have the lion’s share of Apple’s SoC orders. Up until recently there’s been evidence to suggest that […]


As you have most likely found out throughout the last several days, the Apple Watch will be released on the 24th day of April at the starting price of $350. However, the Watch’s price will differ tremendously depending on the variant you’re going to buy, and the price tag can go as high as $10,000 […]


As some of you might recall, LG Mobile’s CEO Cho Juno told the press during this year’s Mobile World Congress that the LG G4 will not be the only high-end smartphone to hit the market this year. In fact, according to his statement, the LG G4 will be released in the second quarter of the […]

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It’s no secret by now that ZTE is preparing to launch two flagship smartphones: the Nubia Z9 and Nubia Z9 Max (which the company even showcased behind closed doors at MWC). Even though the official unveiling is supposed to take place on March 26th, more and more leaks have surfaced during the last several days […]


The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been selling extremely well, and one of the reason for this is because Apple finally decided to increase the display size . Undeniably, many iOS enthusiasts have been waiting for a larger iPhone, and needless to say, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ushered in a new era […]


As you’re all probably aware of, Apple unveiled the Watch for the first time during last year’s major keynote where the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have also been announced. Fans of the gadget have been waiting for months to hear from Apple again, and sure enough, earlier this week the Watch was pushed under […]

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