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There’s no question that the Nexus 7 series, with a certain contribution from Amazon’s Kindle Fire line-up, brought the “affordable” 7-inch tablet model into the forefront. Not only that, but Google and ASUS had a tremendous hit on their hands, especially with the first model. However, now that Google’s accomplished its goal to put as […]


As evidenced by the recent legal disputes between Samsung and Apple, the competition between the two tech giants is just as intense as ever. More so if we take into account Samsung’s growing influence on both the smartphone and the tablet market. One of Samsung’s main pieces of the puzzle for year 2014 -the Samsung […]


Last weekend, i0n1c (real name Stefan Esser) has shared a pretty exciting photo on Twitter, showcasing a jailbroken iPhone 5C running Cydia 1.1.9 on iOS 7.1.1. This event has further increased our hopes that a jailbreak for iOS 7.1 will be released soon, but at the same time, i0n1c hasn’t mentioned any details as to […]


It’s been a while since the first rumors surrounding a Xiaomi tablet have surfaced on the web, but finally, earlier last week, the company in question has lifted the veil on said device, during an event held in Beijing. What’s interesting about this particular tabled dubbed the “MiPad” is the fact that, according to the […]


With the Samsung Galaxy S5 hitting the market a bit earlier than expected, and given the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is still a rather fresh smartphone, there has been a lot of debate as to which device is actually better. Clearly, the SGS5 has the slight upper hand in terms of performance […]


The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 are two of the hottest smartphones available on the market right now, both delivering top of the range hardware specifications, and both trying to differentiate themselves through various unique features. In Samsung’s case, the SGS5 packs a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate sensor with an improved […]

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The HTC One M7 has been one of the most iconic smartphones that have been launched in 2013, and in fact, it continues to be a very attractive device, despite the fact that a successor has been released only several weeks ago. The M7 is truly the company’s “hero smartphone”, and with such a title […]

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The Moto G has made a pretty big name for itself, despite the fact that the device isn’t really one of the prettiest, or one of the most powerful smartphones available. Nevertheless, the G has its appeal, mostly because it delivers great value for money and comes with its unique set of features that have […]

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As you’ve all come to learn, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is pretty much the only 4.3 inch Android smartphone with high-end hardware specifications, which also means makes it the only “mini” handset to actually borrow more than a moniker and certain design cues from its larger flagship inspiration (the Xperia Z1). More recently, HTC […]

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While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a two year-old smartphone, the device has recently made it in the headlines more often than not. Sadly, the reasons why the device has once again “enjoyed” its time under the spotlight were not too uplifting, as the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 KitKat Android 4.4 update will not […]

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