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Microsoft Surface Price Rumors: Bogus or Not ? – Release Date: After October 26th

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We’ve previously talked about the Microsoft Surface and how the tablet is tied up to the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 OS. Regarding the tablet’s hardware Microsoft was willing enough to share some of its specifications but they felt it was not the right time to reveal everything there is to know about it, and details concerning  the device’s exact release …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Preview – Bumped Specs Confirmed, Release Date Approaching ?

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At first, when the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was unveiled (at the beginning of 2012), we thought that the device in question will be available for purchase sometime during spring/early summer. However, the launch of the tablet got delayed, this time for good reasons and although very rarely we say this, we were quite happy with Samsung’s decision. The idea …

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