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This year, HTC made the impossible possible, and released the new One M8 on the same day in which the smartphone has been officially announced. The US Carriers did a pretty god job too, and AT&T, Sprint as well as Verizon have already started selling the handset on-contract. Surprisingly, Verizon also got an exclusivity deal, [...]


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is on its way to the mobile market, and this gives the S4 under a day before it will be forced to give up the “flagship” title. Regardless, the Galaxy S4 is still a pretty powerful device, and strictly speaking about raw hardware specifications, there doesn’t seem to be a real [...]


Some long time ago, smartwatches had a pretty big question mark above them, and whether or not these devices were to catch on to the public remained to be seen. Fast forward until the present day, and we’re seeing the wearable segment gaining a lot of traction, with Google investing in Android Wear and tons [...]

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The Galaxy S Mini series has been around for about 2 years and it made its debut with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Obviously, last year the Korean tech giant has continued the series with the Mini spin-off of the Galaxy S4, and all in all, we expect Samsung to deliver a new Mini this [...]


With the next Google I/O event closing in, we’re hearing numerous rumors concerning Google’s next gadgets. Specifically, so far the focus has been mostly on the Nexus 8 tablet which is rumored to replace the Nexus 7 line-up. Nevertheless, we’re also expecting a new Nexus smartphone to be unveiled at I/O or a tad later, [...]


The smartwatch market has gained so much attention lately, that a summit for wearable devices has been held in Shenzen China, earlier today. The future of the wearable market has been discussed, and topics such as “mobile health” have also been touched. And what’s a summit focused on wearable devices without the iWatch? The gadget [...]


Last year LG went through a pretty rough patch, and older reports were even suggesting that the Korean manufacturer will focus its attention more on other markets -such as the TV segment- rather than the mobile niche, at least for a while. LG was considering this possibility mainly because the competition on the smartphone market [...]


The Google Nexus 10 is becoming quite old, and given the fact that the slate has been launched back in 2012, everyone has been expecting a sequel for quite some time. Last year, after the 16 GB model went out of stock, rumors were suggesting that a new Nexus 10 will be launched by the [...]

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Whenever we take a look at the calendar it’s impossible not to eyeball “April 11″, as that particular date is the day on which the Samsung Galaxy S5 is planned for a global release. Numerous carriers and retailers have begun their pre-order program, and S5 enthusiasts have either placed their pre-purchases, or are waiting for [...]

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With Google now taking a direct interest in the wearable market segment, we’ll most likely get to discuss a bit more about the smartwatch segment in the foreseeable future. Android Wear will eventually hit the market with the support of various hardware manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, and of course, Motorola. The aforementioned tech giant has [...]

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