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Although Google hasn’t shown any hardware during the I/O conference, the end of the year is closing in and we know the search engine giant must be cooking something. If past events from previous years are no indication, then the latest happenings in the mobile world strongly suggest that Google is working on a Nexus […]


It was back in March when we entertained the idea that a larger iPhone 6 at Verizon might nudge more customers towards iOS, in the States, and according to a new survey conducted by William Power of W.R. Baird, there’s a rising demand for the iPhone 6 among US customers, despite the fact that the handset […]

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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing unannounced smartphones of the year, namely because the Alpha would theoretically represent the Korean tech giant’s first steps towards premium build quality. Following a large number of leaked photos depicting the device in all of its metal glory, the Alpha quickly became one […]


Back when we were closing in to the end of July, a fresh report suggested that Pantech is working on a brand new phablet that aims at competing with the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The smartphone in question became known as the “Pop Up Note”, but aside from a few rumored hardware specifications not […]

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The idea that HTC is working on a new Android tablet is still pretty much alive, despite the fact that the rumored device hasn’t been under the spotlight too often during these past several weeks. Nevertheless, today we have the opportunity of bringing the HTC Volantis / Flounder back into the headlines, as recent events […]

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Despite the fact that numerous smartphone owners considers Samsung to be a copy-cat, truth of the matter is that the company is one of the biggest R&D spenders. Nevertheless, most of Samsung’s patents have yet to see the light of day, so we can’t really blame anyone for calling out Sammy for being a non-innovator. However, we’re […]


Huawei’s influence on the mobile market is on the rise -not only in China, but also on the international market- and based on recent developments it appears that the company in question has big plans for the future. Apparently Huawei’s intentions aren’t to become one of those tech giant that floods the market with countless […]


As most of you might already be aware of, yesterday LG published a lengthy promo video for the LG G3 S which, surprisingly enough, contained bits of information concerning the future of LG’s smartphone line-up. In the video (which has been removed in the meantime) it’s been suggested that LG is currently working on a […]


If you’re a smartphone enthusiast or simply a user, then you might’ve found yourself in situations where your phone’s battery let you down at the very “right” (or wrong) moment. It’s a problem we all have to face (hopefully not for long), and it’s also something that gives manufacturers – including Apple – a lot […]

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