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Samsung Galaxy S5 enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for their favorite device to hit the shelves since the Mobile World Congress closed its doors to the public, but now the handset is out and about and prospective customers can pick up the smartphone from nearly every corner of the world. Nevertheless, there are numerous Samsung […]

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After several weeks of waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to hit the market, the company’s latest flagship is now available for purchase across all major carriers in the US, including Verizon. Big Red gave us a few reasons to worry when it delayed the launch of a pre-purchase program, but everything turned out to […]

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Leave it to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to make people fall in love with smartphones with flexible displays, right? Flexible display tech is the rage now-a-days, along with wearable devices. However, if on the wearable side things are looking great, with Android Wear devices on their way and with Samsung and other smaller manufacturers […]


What could apple have in store for the iPad Mini 3? The original iPad Mini has been somewhat of a disappointment when it came out, mainly due to its sub-par hardware specifications and the rather high price tag. Fortunately, the Mini series has survived, and with the second generation model, Apple fixed some of the […]


Up until very recently, smartwatches seemed more like niche devices for tech enthusiasts, as most wearables don’t really make a great fashion statement. We’re not saying that smartwatches can’t look good, but the choice of materials and the build quality hasn’t really been something to brag about in this particular market segment. Nevertheless, the situation […]


By the looks of things, this year Google might step down from the 7-inch tablet market segment and join the 8-9 inch battle instead. Those of you who have been following the mobile market for the past several weeks should be aware of the rumors hinting at a Nexus 8 being in the works, as […]

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So far, the story behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 KitKat update has been quite disappointing. While some carriers in the US (such as Sprint) have confirmed that the device should be getting its fair share of KitKat sometime in the future, the same can be said for only a handful of other models – specifically […]


During these past couple of weeks or so, we’ve touched very frequently on the Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 topics, mainly discussing the improvements brought to the Super AMOLED display. We’ve learned from Samsung that Galaxy S5′s screen is much brighter than the one on the […]


As it happens every year, Google is expected to unveil new hardware by the end of 2014, and perhaps even the next step in the evolution of Android OS. There have been countless rumors suggesting that Google is working on a Nexus 8 tablet, while Nexus 6 smartphone also seems inevitable. As most of you […]


Two of the most wanted smartphones at this point in time are the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 – at Verizon, but also at a global level. The M8 has been out for some time now (since March 25 to be precise), and the Samsung Galaxy S5 has just hit the global […]

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