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While the blogosphere has been boiling with leaks and rumors regarding the iPhone 6, the next-gen iPads haven’t enjoyed as much time under the spotlight as its smaller sibling(s). Nevertheless, each passing day brings us closer to the day on which Apple will lift the veil on its upcoming tablets, and new reports concerning the […]


Despite the fact that the LG G3 has barely seen the light of day, the Korean tech giant now plans on releasing a more powerful variant boasting LTE-A capabilities. The news broke back in June when we came across reports from Korea suggesting that the said device should be released by the end of July. […]


Despite the fact that IGZO displays seem to be slowly but surely going mainstream, and contrary to what the previous rumors have suggested, the upcoming iPad Air 2 might not make use of IGZO technology after all. As some of you might recall, earlier reports have indicated that Apple’s upcoming flagship tablet will adopt an […]

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Contrary to how the story of  both the Galaxy S4 and the SGS3 developed, this year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn’t really rocked the mobile world. In other words, while the device enjoyed its time under the spotlight shortly after its release, the Korean manufacturer’s biggest rivals fought back like never before. The HTC One M8 […]

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As most of you are aware of, Sony’s new strategy for the mobile market is to release a new flagship phone every 6 months or so. The company’s latest top tier device is of course the Sony Xperia Z2, but the handset in question shouldn’t enjoy its time under the spotlight for much longer. The […]


Smartphones nowadays have become incredible pieces of technology, especially given the fact that it was only a half-decade ago or so when the majority of consumers were using feature phones as their main distance communication tools. Nevertheless, despite the fact that today’s mobile devices pack incredible hardware specifications, we’ve started looking forward to the next […]


Gather ’round ladies and gents, as unsurprisingly enough a new rumor concerning the iPhone 6 has emerged. Said smartphone has lately been making the headlines more often than not, and a lot of digital ink has been spilled on account of countless iPhone 6 leaks and rumors. The latest report concerning the next-gen iPhone is […]


It’s really no mystery that Apple intends on releasing a new flagship phone by the end of the year, but what still remains a mystery is the smartphone’s exact hardware specifications. With each new leak we get one step closer to finding out what the Apple has in store for us, and today we’ll tackle […]


As the clock is ticking away, Apple and its major suppliers are working diligently in order to prepare the next-gen iPhone for prime time. Quite obviously, one of the most important hardware components of a smartphone is its battery, and sadly, earlier reports have indicated that Apple’s suppliers are struggling with overcoming certain manufacturing difficulties […]


For the past several weeks, the iPhone 6 has been one of the industry’s main topics of discussion, as countless new leaks and rumors have emerged, hinting at the smartphone’s battery characteristics, its “secret technologies“, and the handset’s alleged release date. This week however, we turn our attention towards a different Apple product that keeps making […]

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