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Vivo Xplay

At the beginning of the month we’ve brought you news concerning a brand new flagship phone Vivo is now working on. The handset is known under the name of “Xshot”, and those of you who have read our initial report should remember that the manufacturer was promising a great camera and HiFi features. We now […]

ZTE Logo

Apple’s 64-bit A7 processor has been out for quite some time, effectively making the iPhone 5S the first, and currently the only smartphone to boast a 64-bit CPU architecture. Ever since the 5S went on sale, we’ve waited for the moment when the Android segment will employ the 64-bit architecture as well, but that hasn’t […]


You’ve probably heard this before, and now that we’re stepping in the second quarter of the year, you’ve probably starting to notice it first hand: the smartwatch / wearable device market is getting a lot of attention this year. Android Wear is on its way, numerous companies are joining Google, and countless other tech giants […]

HTC Logo

Much like numerous other smartphone manufacturers, HTC had a tendency to launch new top-range smartphones in two flavors – usually black / grey and white / silver. This year however, the company has decided to switch gears, and not only has it released the One M8 on the same day as the handset’s official unveiling, […]


There’s a lot of buzz going on right now, concerning the upcoming Nexus 8. The tablet in question has been rumored to be manufactured by HTC or LG, and according to previous reports, the slate will feature an 8.9 inch display with 2K resolution, and a price tag that would go over the $300 barrier. […]


HTC’s latest flagship is, as we all know, the new One M8. The handset has been out and about for more than a week now, and I’m fairly sure that, those of you who have decided that the M8 is worthy of becoming your next smartphone, have already purchased the device one way or the […]


Nowadays, picking a new smartphone from a carrier has become quite a quest. We not only need to worry about what smartphone suits our needs the most, but we’re also required to think things through when it comes to signing a new agreement. Mobile operators are constantly trying to attract new customers with new deals, […]


Verizon subscribers were threatening to switch to AT&T if the carrier was to delay the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Given that Big Red’s customers are not the easiest crowd to deal with (and by paying the Premium fees that they do, they’re entitled to this behavior), we’re wondering how Verizon’s iPhone 5S owners […]

Samsung Mobile Logo

Now that Android Wear and the hardware that will support it is closing in fast, the fate of the Samsung Gear 2 doesn’t look too bright. On the positive side, Samsung is among the manufacturers who are taking an interest in Android Wear, so the Korean giant will remain a prominent smartwatch manufacturer even if […]


I guess you already know the drill and how things go on the mobile blogosphere. Long story short, when a new iconic / flagship smartphone is in the works, rumors and leaks are bound to surface, giving us a glimpse at what we can expect from the final product. With Apple gadgets the situation is […]

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