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HTC One X+ in Canada – TELUS Release Date Just Around The Corner ?

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A couple of weeks ago we informed you that the Canadian carrier TELUS has announced on its website that the highly anticipated upgraded version of the HTC One X, the One X+, is “coming soon”. Nothing much has changed since then as the carrier hasn’t offered any official information regarding the availability of the smartphone. However, even though we don’t …

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HTC One X+ at AT&T: Release Date and Price Guide

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The One X+ is HTC’s way of retaliating against the sea of brand new smartphones that have arrived on the market during the past few months. It’s job is to compete against the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note 2, the iPhone 5 and the LG Nexus 4, just to name a few. That is at least until the company …

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HTC One X+ – Video Hands On – Same Look, Stronger Punch

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Alright folks, after a pretty lengthy period of time waiting for HTC to deliver their next flagship phone internationally, the HTC One X+ is here. Obviously the next big thing will be the HTC J Butterfly which has been unveiled in Japan and is expected to hit the US market via Verizon, under the name of HTC Droid DNA, but …

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HTC One X Against….HTC One X – Wait…What ? Tegra 3 vs S4 – AT&T Release Date: May 6th

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There was plenty of talk about the upcoming HTC One X on AT&T and about the device in general. Now the biggest concern I expressed in some of my previous articles was in regards to the different processors employed. A privileged smartphone aficionado started working on a very interesting test and now we can show you a very peculiar versus: …