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FIY: Samsung Galaxy Nexus / Nexus Prime To Rock An HD Display ? Release Date: TBA

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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus (aka Google Nexus Prime) has been in the news quite a lot recently, with more leaks and rumors trying to unravel the mystery, yet because of the general silence coming from Google and Samsung, we cannot confirm anything really. There were rumors here and there, but we never really received any solid leads. The only solid …

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date (Nexus Prime) Hinted By New Leak

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Well, well, well…as we’re getting closer and closer to the official announcement of the Google Nexus Prime (Hong Kong – October 19th – Tuesday afternoon/night for all our US friends) new leaks and rumors are still surfacing about Google and Samsung’s next Big Thing (have you heard the one about the Nexus Prime Tablet? or the Nexus Prime Specs Dilemma …

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(Droid Prime) Google Nexus Prime – Release Date and Specs Guide

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There are very few devices out on the market which managed to grab so much attention as the upcoming Google Nexus Prime. The Droid Prime (as some sources are calling it) rumor mill can only be equaled and surpassed at times by the mighty Apple iPhone 5, yet we must remember that the interest in Google’s Android platform is gaining …

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(Nexus Prime) Samsung Droid Prime Release Date at Verizon: Oct 27th ?

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Now that Apple unveiled their latest gadget, the iPhone 4S, all eyes are on Samsung and Google. And while everybody was busy anticipating the Unpacked event where the Google Nexus Prime release would have probably been announced and then busy debating whether the smartphone’s device has been pushed back, almost everyone ignored another (leaked) piece of info that supposedly indicates …

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Has The (Droid Prime) Google Nexus Prime Release Date Been Pushed Back ?

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One of the most anticipated devices of this year, the latest and brightest Google Nexus device, the Google Nexus Prime, might just see a delay on its release date. Although we’ve speculated time and again on its release date or at least regarding the smartphone’s announcement, the Google Nexus Prime release date might just be very well pushed back for …