About G for Games

The original description is well out of date now. GforGames has transitioned during the past several years towards the mobile niche (mainly smartphones and tablets), while making a name for ourselves for breaking news on a wide range of topics.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re going through a big redesign right now and although the site looks much better, this is only the beginning, a fraction of the overall design we have envisioned for the new GforGames. Check back during the next several days to witness our “Extreme Make-Over”.

Old “About Us” kept below, for history’s sake:

G for Game’s main purpose is to bring gamers the latest industry news, as well as game reviews and previews.

Because all games are highly platform and hardware dependent, and because the “G Team” comes from an IT background, you’ll also find hardware, gadget and phone related articles on our web-site.

If you want to contact us, feel free to drop us an e-mail at: gteam.gforgames@gmail.com.

Feedback (good or bad) is always welcomed – either in the comments section, or via the e-mail address above.