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15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

AdSense Alternatives

AdSense Alternatives15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives: Many of the publishers may have faced problems with using AdSense like your account is temporally banned. Now you don’t have to worry about it, the solution is here, you can make more money with the alternative of AdSense with facing problems,

Here are 15 the Best Google AdSense Alternatives you can use to turn your website into a money-making machine

Infolinks as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Infolinks is a well-known advertisement network throughout the world, visible on large numbers of websites and blogs. This ad network is doing a good job with their ad layouts, their ads style is different from the conventional units. They use low ad blindness tactics, which results in higher click through rates. If you have a website or blog and looking for the alternative to AdSense I recommend you to apply infolinks

It is basically an in-text ad network. You can select certain words or phrases, these words will lead to advertisements links. There are many chances that the visitor may click on the link in your content and see the ads. Infolinks also offers in-frame ads, slid-In ad banners, and in-tag ads just like AdSense links units, all these formats are designed to help you to make more money by web traffic

BuySellAds as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

You can make money on the space available on your website, it works like real estate, you can rent it to the advertisers. All you have to do is make a pretty good space and a clear position for the ads to show on your website.

You can sell this space for example if you are having space 728px x 90px leaderboard on your site and want to sell it. But can’t find anyone interested to buy, the solution is available, check out buysellads and make money.

It is an awesome advertisement market where you can find a large number of people, agencies, companies and other business organizations looking for websites with quality traffic. You can cash them if your websites have great traffic and visitors.

Most of the pretty good websites are not approved by AdSense, try this I am sure you will love it.

Chitika as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Chitika is a superlative alternative to AdSense and a similar ad network. It serves contextual ads (i.e ads that match to the content of your website), besides this it is also having an excellent system of reporting, to let you know better how much you earned.

The good thing about Chitika you can cash out your earning if it meets the minimum pay-out criterion which is 10USD, unlike Google AdSense, where minimum pay-out is 100USD. Another awesome thing about Chitika is the ads will only visible to the visitor who used search engines for your website, it serves ads only to the search engine driven traffic.

If you are having a problem using Google AdSense or account is disabled or not approved, Chitika is the best option for continuing earning.

Adversal as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Unlike other ad networks Adversal supports websites that use a language other than English. If you own a website in non-English, it can be the best option for you to earn. It works pretty well with non-English websites. All you have to do moderate traffic on your website to get into adverse.

It generally welcomes the website having a minimum of 50 thousand pages views/month. And you have to prove that your website works, already earn 500-1000usd/day. You have the best option Adversal in case if your AdSense account is disabled of temporally banned

Revenue Hits as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

One of the best alternatives to Google AdSense took the start in 2008, today it serves more than two billion ads impressions. Many publishers have generated more than 100 per/month in the first try with revenue hits. Besides this they also have many other features to earn money, they are having CPA, CPM, AND CPC models.

CPA is the best to try, Also offers mobile apps ads, Entry barrier are low as compared to other ads network, like Adversal 50,000 pages view/month websites only approved to have an account. It helps all sorts of slandered ad sizes, If your Google account is banned, use revenue hits to carry on earning through your website, you can cash out your earning when it hits the minimum level of 20usd.

Payment systems work on net 30 bases, transfers of earning can be easy if you are having PayPal or Payoneer. Other ads networks also provide banner ads, content ads, pop-under, and sliders. You can have an account and get started in just seconds click here

Amazon Associates as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

As you may be familiar with Amazon, one of the biggest online shopping store in the World. You can earn more with amazon by displaying their product on your website, it provides you to put ads on your websites or blog, you have to promote them, it does not pay you for the clicks but pays a commission for the items they sold from your links.

For example, you put the amazon ads about a book priced as 100usd, fortunately, you derived traffic to the amazon any someone buys that product, Amazon will pay you 10 present as commission. Amazon pays through checks if you are living in the United States of America, you have to just provide your bank’s account. The best about amazon ads is that you can use it with AdSense at the same time.

Qadabra as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Also known as ads gadget, Another best alternative to AdSense, it also works pretty good in supporting international traffics, and pays great rates. Pay via PayPal and Payoneer. The best is, you can cash out if you have just earned one dollar for PayPal account holder, tips for the beginner go with PayPal and later as your earning increases, you can change to wire transfer.

It also provides the best ads tips and how you can cash your web traffic effectively, they have CPC, CPM and other models, besides these also provides new styles banners blind ads and much more, you are just away few steps to make more money with Qadabra, join now.

Propeller Ads Media as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

They took a start in 2011 and now they are developed into one of the greatest networks. They focused on the monetizing websites for the specific niches like fun, movies, entertainment, videos, cartoons, gambling, games, and others, it is biggest pop-under network, their banner works more effective than

AdSense if your own a website you could make good money with propeller, it pays on the net 30 bases the have great rates for different countries, like India, South Africa Singapore and other, now it make more easy to earn with these countries traffic, unlike other ads networks like AdSense pay much low to these countries. You can signup now for the account it will take just a few minutes.

Tribal Fusion as Best Google AdSense Alternatives

It has only a CPM model, your websites mush have great traffic to approve an account. Generally, accept websites with more than 500k visitors/month. Many publishers have already earned good sum with tribal fusion. if you are having any problem with your current AdSense or any other ad network, you can apply for an account, and earn much more as compared to others, it is the best option.

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