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What Do I Need to Know About Cybersports?

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Cybersports are competitions based on video games. It can be either individual or team-based. Today it is one of the most popular sports in the world. A player in cybersports does not need to be physically developed to win. The sport is all about excitement, strategic thinking, and fast reactions. And to compete he needs a powerful computer connected to the Internet. For some, it’s entertainment, for others – a way to prove themselves, to become famous, and make it their profession.

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Features of cybersports

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A very common question related to cybersports is: does gender matter in this sport? And here one of the peculiarities is that both fragile girls and brutal men can win big victories here. The very first cybersports league appeared in 1997. It was in the United States.

Today, that’s where video games come in:

  • Team games. Most often they are played by people who care about feeling part of a team. In psychology, such people are called extroverts. Such people believe that if they win, the celebration and sense of celebration only increase. There is a team spirit.
  • Single games. This type of game is usually chosen by introverts. People who are used to taking responsibility for victories and failures. For them, there is nothing better than the feeling of personal victory.

Each player usually has his own favorite game, and he no longer switches to others. Therefore, the updates that may happen are only about his favorite video game: new maps, inventory, and changes.

Cybersports players can either participate in online competitions, and they don’t even have to leave home to do so. Or in LAN tournaments, which take place in computer clubs. These competitions bring together athletes from all over the world.

Sources of income for the cyber athlete are cash prizes and support from sponsors. Many eSportsmen also earn on streaming. That is, on the organization of online broadcasts.

A professional career is built up to the age of 27 years old. And you can start to try yourself in this sport at the age of 14. As a rule, players then become coaches or streamers. And they earn on this quite decent money.

The digital age is only going up, so this sport has a huge future.

Portrait of a cyber athlete

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A professional cyber athlete is a new character in modern sports. They are those who represent one of the disciplines in competitions. In other words, they play games of one discipline. It is believed that cyber sportsmen earn good money. It is true, but not all of them, only those, who win the matches or officially represent an organization, where they get the salary. The size of the salary is directly proportional to the success of the gamer. Thus, even at the age of 18, a person can earn thousands of dollars.

But it requires a lot of motivation and persistence. A cyber athlete needs to constantly improve his or her skills, learn the game he or she is playing, participate in various competitions, and win. You also need talent. Do not think that it is enough to pick up a joystick or a mouse – and after a couple of months you are already a winner. The more so because in cybersport the competition is even higher than in classical disciplines.

In cybersports are not only men. Compared to them, the fairer sex is much smaller, but they are not inferior in anything. As a rule, women’s teams compete separately from men’s – after all, the physiological and psychological activities of the different sexes are not the same, and if they compete together, the principle of equality will be violated. However, female cyber athletes are in a very good position.

Pros and cons of cybersports

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The main advantages of this current sport can safely include:

  • Accessibility. All the player needs is a computer and the Internet. Therefore, many people with disabilities have found their application in this niche;
  • A good perspective for the future. Cybersport is developing lightning fast. The prize funds are comparable to the fees of professional athletes;
  • In cybersport you can be not only a player, but also a reporter, manager, video editor, etc;
  • Traveling around the world. Why not combine business with pleasure;

    Studies in the field of computer games have shown that the game makes it easier for a child to learn science and math subjects. And even specialists in the same field do their job more professionally if they play video games. Amazing but true.

There are, of course, in this sport, as in any other, its disadvantages:

After a certain period of time, the cyber athlete begins to have health problems. This includes problems with the spine, and especially with vision. The player’s eyes are constantly in tension, in some moments the cyber athlete should not help until a couple of minutes, otherwise a fraction of a millisecond can play a decisive role in winning or losing. That’s why so many players suffer from “jerkiness.”

There is a little less misunderstanding from the older generation than there was a couple or three years ago, but there is still misunderstanding. People you know may not understand you, parents may be disappointed in what you are doing.

Often, in order to achieve good results, players give up their studies and work. They are in the game around the clock. Naturally, this also affects their personal life.

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If you can’t become a professional

Every area of life has its ups and downs. If you don’t manage to become an in-demand cyber athlete at the beginning of your career, that’s okay. Practice, hone your skills, and improve your skills. But if time goes by, you spend a lot of time training, but you can’t become a successful player with a decent rating, you can think about any other sports sphere. Choose what you like and what brings you pleasure!

And you don’t have to give up the cyber sport completely. You might make a good team manager, commentator, or observer.