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Top 10 Alternatives to Google Voice

Alternatives to Google Voice

Alternatives to Google Voice – Technology has revolutionized each aspect of our lives. Whether it is communication, education or entertainment, technology has left unreliable marks on each facet of our lives. Communicating with loved ones located in a different corner of the world is no longer an issue anymore.

There are countless websites, apps, and tools that help users connect with their loved ones through the internet. Although, communication websites and apps are nothing new Google was quite late in entering the market with a formidable offering which was later discontinued.

Google Voice offered communication services in the USA and Canada for free but after some time they started to charge their users for calls. If you have a loved one living in the USA or Canada, then all you need is a Google Account and an extension to do free voice calls. Unfortunately, this did not last very long and their users started looking for other free alternatives.

Thankfully, there are many worthy alternatives to Google Voice to keep you connected with your loved ones. In this article, we will take a deeper look at some of these alternatives that make communicating with your loved ones easy even if they are sitting thousands of miles away from you.

  1. Skype
  2. LINE
  3. MightyCall
  4. Telzio
  5. Mo+
  6. Phonebooth
  7. TextMe
  8. Talkatone
  9. Kakao Talk
  10. Twilio

Top 10 Alternatives to Google Voice


One of the most popular Alternatives to Google Voice and communication tools that can prove to the best substitute for Google Voice users is Skype. Whenever you read or hear the word Voice over IP (VoIP), the first thing that comes to your mind is Skype because it is one of the best VoIP communication tools out there. Sending photos and videos is very easy via Skype.

Users can send text messages, attach files or communicate with their loved ones through video and voice calls with the help of this useful tool. With the backing of Microsoft and more than 300 million users, Skype is moving in the right direction.

For those who want to make international calls on mobiles and landlines, Skype offers the most affordable calling rates for different countries. Add to that the wide range of platforms it supports, users can take advantage of this app on any device imaginable.


LINE is another famous Alternatives to Google Voice and instant messaging application from a Japanese app developing company that has grown into a popular communication platform in recent years. Its user base is growing at a rapid pace and users can exchange messages in any form such as text, photos, videos and more.

The cross-platform support ensures that users are always connected to your loved ones, irrespective of which device they use for that purpose. Making voice calls, video calls or sending voice messages is simple with LINE. If your family members are using LINE then you must also jump on the LINE bandwagon and try out its impressive features and explore this platform.

Although, there is a lot of work still to be done if LINE wants to stand toe to toe with giants like Skype and WhatsApp it is putting the right foot forward.


Whether you are an individual or business, MightyCall is Alternatives to Google Voice and has something for everyone. This virtual phone system is highly effective in ensuring that individuals are connected to your loved ones and businesses are always connected to their customers. Handling client requests used to be a pain in the neck for businesses but with MightyCall at your disposal, this is no longer an issue.

All accounts associated with MightyCall will get a toll free and a local number. All you have to do is to share your MightyCall number with whom you want to connect to and establish the connection within minutes. Users can make free calls from anywhere to anyone using MightyCall.

Available on Android and iOS, this app is a must-have communication tool for businesses. If you are accustomed to using Google Voice as a business communication tool, then this app will be a step up in the right direction.


If you are looking for a more sophisticated and more business-centric communication tool, then Telzio fits the bill perfectly. Some of the advanced features offered by Telzio will impress business users.

Businesses can take advantage of its call forwarding, multiple phone ring facilities at the same time and free SIP traffic with voice over IP support. In addition to this, there are IVR menus, web control panel and ability to control and manage opening hours and length of time before forwarding calls makes it the best business communication tool on this list.

Add to that quality support and you could not ask for more from a business communication tool. Businesses who were using Google Voice must try Telzio out and it will surpass their expectations in terms of features.


Another brilliant alternative to Google Voice is Mo+. Whether you want to make free calls or want to send text messages or multimedia messages to your loved ones, Mo+ has you covered. What makes Mo+ special is the fact that users can use it as a walkie talkie, a feature that is missing in many other similar communication apps.

Although, the international calling rates are a little higher than others but the ability to call phones for free more than makes up for this shortcoming. Calling Mo+ users is free but you have to pay a fee if you want to call on international landlines and mobile numbers. The app is available on android and iOS so that you can stay connected wherever you are with Mo+


If you want Alternatives to Google Voice and communication tool that can route your phone calls to any other landline or mobile number, then Phonebooth is an ideal choice. It is a web-based phone system that can redirect all calls to any mobile and landline number of your choice.

Users will get a free number that they can use and share with their business contacts and establish a communication channel with the help of Phonebooth. Dig a little deeper and you might be able to unearth many useful features from this app.

Phonebooth is only available on the web as a cloud platform for communication especially for businesses that need the facility of call routing. The only web nature of this tool can prove to be downside especially with so many mobile devices out there. This app will only be useful for a specific type of business but it?s a good app nonetheless.

Text Me

For users who are looking to get a personal phone number and want a perfect Google Voice alternative, then Text Me is for you. Making free calls and sending text messages is a breeze with Text Me. Sending text messages and making calls to more than 40 countries in the world is a stand out feature of this app that most users will love.

Users will have a personal number as well as voicemail. Additionally, they can also send pictures and videos with their loved ones for free. There are many other features as well but for that, you will have to try this app. Available on popular mobile platforms such as android and iOS, this app lets users communicate with their loved ones with a personalized touch.


Alternatives to Google Voice – Convert your mobile device into a free phone thanks to Talkatone. Just install Talkatone on your smart-phone or tablet and make it a phone from which you can make free calls and send unlimited messages for free to your dear ones.

Making free inbound calls with Talkatone is a brilliant experience. This easy to use app will keep you connected and allows you to make both inbound and outbound calls. Users can also take advantage of free monthly outbound minutes but if they want more outbound minutes, they can easily purchase them by paying a nominal fee.

All the inbound calls are completely free and not a single minute from your mobile is charged when making inbound calls. If you are a user who has to make both inbound and outbound call and don’t have a huge budget, then Talkatone is an app you must try.

The affordable rates for outbound calls offered by Talkatone make this app a serious competitor to many similar communication apps available in the market.

Kakao Talk

If you want a feature-rich alternative of Google Voice that supports a wide range of platforms, then there is no better app than Kakao Talk. The wide variety of features and extensive support on every popular platform makes this app a hit.

Sending free messages and making free calls are nothing new as it is available in other similar apps as well but what makes this app stands out is chatting, Facetalk, voicetalk, multimedia messages, and many more features. Unfortunately, it did not get the limelight it deserves due to the huge number of communication tools.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better Google Voice alternative as feature-rich as Kakao talk. With its unique set of features, Kakao Talk stands in the same league as some of the most famous communication apps thanks to its exclusive features, quality of communication and cross-platform support.

Don’t miss out on this app if you want to try a solid alternative to Google Voice that beats it in some aspects.


Twilio is another Alternatives to Google Voice stands out in this list because it is basically a web service API and not a dedicated communication tool. Firmly targeted towards developers, Twilio allows developers to take advantage of programming languages and their skills to make a comprehensive communication app that offers voice and video call facilities along with texting feature. It focuses on delivering the best communication experience to users.

Twilio is a cloud platform for developers that can help them produce a custom communication application to connect users with friends and family members. If you are a software developer who wants to make a communication tool, then look no further than Twilio. You could be the brainchild behind the next Skype or WhatsApp.


There are thousands of Alternatives to Google Voice communication tools in the app stores but choosing one that can meet all your communication needs is not easy, especially when every other app is offering similar features.

Other notable mentions that did not make into this list are Ring Central, Line2, Zaplee, Talkray and Vestalink. You should also give these a try. If you want an equally good feature-rich alternative of Google Voice, then Kakao talk is for you.

For individual users looking for a popular communication app that has a huge user base, then Skype, LINE, and MightyCall is a good option. Businesses looking for the best businesses oriented features, then Telzio is one of the best business communication tools out there.

For adventurous developers who want to take up the challenge of developing the next big communication tool in the world, then Twilio is the API you must have in your toolbox.

Talkatone, Text Me and Mo+ are also some of the best communication tools to keep you connected with your loved all the time and can prove to be a worthy substitute for Google Voice users who are in search of a better alternative after the demise of Google Voice.

You might be a little bit surprised to see some of the most popular names missing from this list. There is an obvious reason for their omission. They are instant messaging apps that also offer other services such as free voice and video call but they are not in the same league as Google Voice.

All in all, most of the Alternatives to Google Voice communication apps do a fairly good job of keeping you connected with your loved ones and customers. At the end of the day, it usually comes down to which communication apps suit you and meet your requirements perfectly.

Most of the time, the user gives more importance to personal preference when choosing a communication app instead of looking at other factors but it is important that consider the pros and cons of each app before making the final decision.