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Are Online Rummy Card Games Really Free?

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In the last 10 years or so, two big changes have happened in Indian society. One is, that the smartphone has become affordable, hence, many Indians even from villages now have one. Second is, the proliferation of the Internet, whether it’s Broadband, or mobile Internet, from 2G to 4G, it has reached millions of Indians in the last decade. One Industry that has benefitted from this, is the online gaming industry. Take, for example, online rummy; most of you must have seen many advertisements or heard about many such card game platforms in the past few years.

Just like other card games, rummy has been played in India for many centuries and even today, lakhs of Indian players play it religiously with their friends & family as a leisure activity. But, in these many years, the game was mostly played ‘offline’, by using real physical cards.

Now, since the increasing usage of computers and mobiles, gaming went online; hence, even card games like rummy got their online version. Around the year 2010, there were very few such online platforms, but as, the number of people playing online Indian rummy increased, more platforms started offering rummy online services.

About being ‘Free’

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Some of these card game online platforms advertise that you can play rummy for ‘FREE’, and win lots of real cash, but is that really true? Most Indians are already skeptical about matters involving money, especially when an unheard name is involved. Still, many Indians are giving themselves a chance to play rummy games online.

People can play rummy online on all the online card game platforms, on their web interface (website), and in their app too. We can divide the apps of rummy platforms into 2 types: Store & the Cash app. People can download their app and play from Google’s Play Store & Apple’s Store.

The Store Apps

To install, head over to the Play Store of Google or Apple Store and download the app on your tablet/mobile. This version of the app is the free version of their offering. Most of these platforms offer unlimited free chips in their apps for you to play the free/practice rummy matches. You just have to start an account and begin playing with other real people. As you win in these games, you’ll get free chips, not real cash. Most of the card game platforms offer only individual cash games to play, some of them could also be providing free tournaments where free chips are the entry fee.

This application is truly a ‘free’ app of these rummy online platforms. If you really don’t care about earning real money at all, then you can keep playing online rummy in this free app. But all these platforms don’t provide all their features and facilities in ‘free’ apps. But is it free like the above app? Let’s find out.

The Cash App

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You will see two links to download, one is for Android OS, and the other link is for iOS. After this, make an account by either using your mobile number, email, or any other means as asked. Now you are set to play & enjoy online card games in this app. This cash application can also be divided into two parts: The free section, and the Cash section.

The free section is just like the free app of Google & Apple stores. You are provided with unlimited free chips, with the help of these free chips, you will be able to play free/practice games with other real humans. Besides that, on some platforms, you will also be able to play in tournaments in which you can win real cash! The best thing here is you don’t have to pay any entry fee for these tours.

Usually, it is only 1 or 2 such tournaments are conducted on a regular basis. In some cases, they let you withdraw the cash winnings, while in other cases, you must play online rummy cash games with these winnings, and then you can withdraw the cash you earned in these individual cash games.

By now, you can say, playing online rummy is free even in the cash app, & players can earn real cash too by playing Indian rummy for free. But the cash prizes in such tourneys are far less than those offered in other tourneys. To play such bigger tournaments, you must submit an entry fee, and for that, you must make a cash deposit. But the perks are, the total prize money & first prize, are really big, going even in lakhs. So, for small entries of double digits or triple digits, you will be able to win cash prizes that go up to 5 or 6 digits!

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This is where the Cash section comes in. Here, you don’t just deposit real cash, almost all online rummy platforms give a handsome amount of ‘Bonus’, whose small part you get to use as a substitute for real cash in each match. These platforms regularly run various offers, for e.g. bonus, cash, special tournaments, cashback, Rakeback, etc.

Now this is really a win-win situation for all online Indian rummy players. It’s totally up to you, whether to play only free online card games or deposit and go for big prizes that not just include real cash, but also other prizes like gadgets, bikes, home appliances, etc.

So, now that you know the truth about whether online rummy is free to play or not, why not give it a try? One platform which is trusted by more than 50 lakhs of Indians playing rummy, should be given a try – KhelPlay Rummy. They have been operating since 2012 and are really one of the top card game platforms in India. Download their app, start an account and begin playing online for free. In your 1st Deposit, you get to enjoy the highest and Industry-best First Deposit Bonus – a 200% Bonus up to Rs. 1 lakh*! Now this much amount is really more than enough to play a lot and win real money, a lot.