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6 Basic Rules for Beginners in Bitcoin Trading – 2024 Guide

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There are many doubts when it comes to the identity of Bitcoin. His role is mostly debated, many can’t understand whether he is more of a currency or a commodity. The controversy is based on the way this pattern is viewed as a long-term/short-term investment. However, the universal opinion is that it can be viewed as both.

If you follow reason, you will realize that regardless of the ultimate meaning, Bitcoin represents much more than one definition. That’s the way many people can make money. This form opens up a lot of opportunities through which you can earn – by trading cryptocurrencies. However, not everyone can be successful in this field.

First of all, you need certain knowledge, equipment, etc. If you are seriously thinking about this and you are confident in your decision to start a business, you need to know a few basic rules.

1. Budget

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This rule applies to budget constraints. What does it mean? We are telling you this for a very simple reason. Do not invest or change the amount of money if you can’t afford it. Take this as a very serious rule, because it is about your future after all.

This is especially true if you are planning to stay in this field of business a little longer. Above all, you must remain collected and strategically minded. The most important thing in this business is to have control because if you don’t have it, problems will arise. However, you can often fall into your own trap.

This is because through cryptocurrency trading you can lose not only in the event of a market crash but also during an investment by making beginner mistakes. It is usually enough to make a mistake with just a number, wallet and the like. If you are not familiar with how a wallet works, you must learn it as soon as possible. Learn more at this page on how to trade with safe money, be objective, and carefully observe the reality that is happening around you.


If you have ever heard of this term then you surely know what it is about. However, if you are one of those people who have never heard of something like this, we will explain… FOMO is an abbreviation that means fear of missing out. It is probably partly clear to you what we are going to talk about next.

We all sometimes want to rely on luck, instinct, or anything else that tells us that this is the right time to take action with an uncertain ending. This can be applied to every segment of a person’s life. However, it is most often applied to investments, especially when it comes to large potential profits.

First, look at the rule above – keep your budget in mind. On the other hand, stay realistic when it comes to crypto influence. If you are witnessing a large increase in the value of cryptocurrencies in a short period of time, do not immediately rush to buy or sell.

3. Disposal of money

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As you may have concluded, the wrong approach when investing can bring you a complete failure, but on the other hand success. The key thing about this is the ability to dispose of the money. We will give you one piece of advice that can be of great use to you.
Of course, everyone wants about the same thing. We invest a little, we get a lot – so it is with buying cryptocurrencies.

However, it is not that simple at all. Statistics show that almost 85% of people end up losing money. The most common reason is the loss of control over money or the urge to invest.

This rule is closely related to the previous one, so always start low. To begin with, invest very little. In general, it is best to put only a few percent of the total you have. Also, never buy everything at once. Gradually raise the percentage when investing, and decide on the profit.

4. Analysis

Keep records constantly and try to learn from mistakes and avoid repeating them. The easiest way is to create a chart by which you will analytically access everything. In order to achieve some optimal success, it is necessary to take some time and do this. With knowledge in the field of technical analysis, you raise your competencies to a completely higher level.

This kind of knowledge brings you a lot. The most valuable thing is that you will beat the competition that way. Although all this is a relatively new phenomenon, you can get at least a detailed view of certain numerical data that are of interest to you.

5. Profit

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Okay, it’s very obvious that profit is everyone’s ultimate goal. Everyone wants to win exclusively, without losing. However, we must mention something else. Profit is not just about the outcome of a trade. You need to determine it at the very beginning, preferably when your assets start to gain in value through trading.

Regardless of the fact that this value will increase by only a few tens of estimates, you should always get at least half of it. The market itself is quite unpredictable and is never stable. You have to keep that in mind, so you can invest.

You may not be at a loss if you embrace a certain profit, but if you stay in that position in the long run you will. This can also happen to you if you try to sell at a huge price because the market can start to fall. You don’t have to physically lose, but the feeling of not winning can be equally painful.

6. Security

Although we have listed this as the last rule, this is actually the most important if you are at the very beginning. You need to pay attention to this before investing money in Bitcoin. A lot of people ignore this rule and thus fall into the trap of many coin thieves who break into wallets and take your earnings.

So, before embarking on something like this, be sure to research the platform well, that is, how safe it is. You will be able to do that very easily. Pay attention to the way of identification, privacy policy, etc.


You should understand how important it is to follow all the above rules if you are new to this. In addition to providing you with a good foundation to start with, it is also a type of preventative method. We hope that we have been able to point out to you the importance of these rules and that you will not make such mistakes.