Best Free and Premium Android Games of 2019

We’ve all been there - sitting in a waiting room or just bored lying in bed with nothing to do. Social media’s a bore, you’re all caught up on your shows, and you don’t have a new book to read. Well, thankfully, there’s something else out there to appease you in these times of need: Phone and Tablet games. Better jump straight to our best iOS games article if you have an iPhone.

If you’re here, it’s for Android games. Android games are great like any others - allowing you to immerse yourself into different worlds, stimulate your brain, and do something for enjoyment to make the time pass by. Whether you’re willing to pay or not is up to you. 

If you’re looking for the best free and premium Android games, then you’ve found the right place. We go over the best Android games here just for you, the free and paid, in hopes to guide you in the right direction to choose the best, most exhilarating, games for you. But first, get yourself an amazing android phone.

Best Free Android Games

Not everything costs money. Free games are great because they’re free! Well… kinda. In actuality, very few games are truly “free.” Most have In-app purchases (IAPs), are Pay-to-win (P2W), and/or are Freemium - starting free but costing more for all of its features/the entire game; like Spotify. If you don’t want to pay, then don’t, but you may feel behind because of that even in these games.

Here, we break down the best free Android games by genre: RPG, Strategy, Simulation, Puzzle, Offline, Racing, and Trivia. 

Best Android RPG Games

Role-playing games have been huge throughout all of gaming history thanks to Dungeons & Dragons. While phone RPGs usually don’t bring as much to the table as console or table-top games, they come pretty close with games like these. Here are our top two Android RPG games.

1. Eternium: Mage and Minions 

Eternium: Mage and Minions is an easy-to-play RPG where you can play as one of three hero classes, Mage, Warrior, or Bounty Hunter, wielding an axe, sword, staff, or gun. A very “Diablo”-like game great for old school RPGers, Eternium has you adventure into dungeons, caves, deserts, pyramids, the moon, and much more! 

Eternium Mage and Minions

Eternium has a great storyline with four beautiful story arcs that many love, but if you don’t want to play the story you can enter its Trial of Valor game mode full of endless randomly generated levels full of zombies, skeletons, automatons, aliens, dragons, and much more to fight. It only helps that Eternium is very easy to play, addictive, fun, and a great way to pass time quickly. With amazing graphics and great sound, you’ll be drawn into a new world on your phone. 

Eternium is very player-friendly and has a “no paywalls, never pay to win” philosophy where more than 90% of players play for free and that the best things in the game are found by playing, not paying. Yet, many argue that it has a P2W mechanic since a lot of things in-game require jewels - which you need to watch short ads to get. 

If you’re okay with watching some short ads or just really want a fun RPG to play for hours on end, this is it.

2. Fire Emblem Heroes 

Nintendo has finally brought its great Fire Emblem universe to your phone - including characters old and new from all over the Fire Emblem universe. This is a very strategic game with turn-based battles all in an epic quest with ongoing, original stories full of many Heroes and over 800 stages in all difficulty modes where new story chapters are added frequently. The goal of the game is to beat stages to get orbs to summon more Heroes - but this is much harder and more fun than it sounds.

Fire Emblem Heroes

While FEH requires internet connectivity to play, it has a great story, beautiful graphics, nice maps, and a whole bunch of content. If you’re an FE fan or a strategy lover, this is a must check out. When it comes to strategy, you need to strengthen your heroes through leveling, skills, weapons, and more, and think about the advantages and disadvantages of your Hero’s weapons and evaluate the map as you battle to get those orbs - and you do it all through easy touch and drag controls. 

There’s a lot of grinding in this game to strengthen your Heroes, and replayable modes to help with this. Whether you’re competing against AI or other players (yes, multiplayer!), you’re going to need to be the best you can be… but this is also where the apps gripes come in turning the app from incredibly fun to frustrating and rage quit-inducing.

It gets harder to play this game without paying after a while because the orbs needed to summon heroes and advance and the strong abilities of the enemies making hours of grinding useless. Even when you get/buy the orbs, the Hero you summon is random, so many gamers feel like they lose out after spending so much time or money and getting someone they didn’t want. The PVP is even worse with this due to power creep because if you’re someone who pays and you get all the great things, the regular person who doesn’t is at a disadvantage.

Love Nintendo or not, this is still a great and fun RPG that you’ll enjoy if you’re an FE or strategy fan.

Best Android Strategy Games

Strategy is key in the best of games - even those not labeled as strategy. Think hard and plot your next moves to victory with the best Android strategy games.

1. The Battle of Polytopia 

The Battle of Polytopia is a new take on 4X strategy games - the “X’s” being explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. Similar to “Civilizations,” this is a 3D block-world turn-based game where you farm, mine, explore, gather resources, build an epic empire and train warriors to lead into war against other armies. Starting with a tiny village, you’ll be able to transform your clan into a powerful kingdom and level up your cities, expand your boundaries, increase your population, and much more.

The Battle of Polytopia

Your battles are as quick as fast RTS game matches but full of a constant need for strategy.  While there is a lot of replayability with auto-generated block worlds, the game is never repetitive. You can play it single or multiplayer. In the single-player mode, your goal is to gain the highest possible score in 30 turns, called Perfection, or destroy all opposing forces, Domination. In multiplayer, you must either be the first to reach 10,000 points, called Glory, or the first to wage war and conquest all rival capitals, Might. You can ally with other clans or conquer them all, but if you want to play multiplayer then you must buy at least one tribe.

Not only does this game not have ads, but you can also play it offline. There are several tribes to pick from, each unique, but only the first default four are free. Those who don’t want to play multiplayer feel entirely satisfied with the defaults because they still bring a lot to the game. 

This game is a great, fun, and addicting 4X strategy game without ads, a great story, and nice graphics.

2. Clash Royale 

Another great Supercell game, Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer starring the Royales, your favorite Clash of Clans characters, and more all in dozens of cards featuring Clash of Clans troops, spells, and defenses, and the Royales (Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons, etc.) that you can upgrade! The goal of the game is to knock the enemy King and Princess from their towers to win trophies, crowns, and glory in the Arena. Being a multiplayer game, you can even form a Clan to share cards and build your own battle community!

Clash Royale android

The goal is to build and upgrade your Battle Deck to defeat your opponents and rise to the top in multiple Arenas. If you don’t want to battle random opponents, you can even challenge your Clanmates and friends to private duels. This is a very well-loved strategy game overall that is great for passing time and no-lifing. 

Free to play with IAPs, you can progress without paying, but the new update including the season pass has soured many gamers’ pots and made the game P2W. If you pay $5/month, you get the Pass Royale, making you pretty much unstoppable against those who don’t pay. It doesn’t help that Royales has a bad matching engine that puts you against people you’d have no chance of beating over and over again. 

If you’re still interested in one of the best strategy games out there and ready to try your hand at hard strategy against others with your friends - or soon-to-be friends - by your side, then you might as well jump in right now!

Best Android Simulation Games

Simulation games have brought us to great points where we can become the builders and gods we, for some reason, have always wanted to be in our own simulated universes. Here are Android’s best two simulation games:

1. The Sims Mobile

It’s the Sims… but on your phone. This game allows you to create people/characters, called Sims, where you can customize their appearances from head to toe, personalities, homes, and much more. You experience your Sims’ lives through them as they complete career goals, do hobbies, develop friendships, and improve their lifestyles.

The Sims Mobile app

You’re “God” in this beautiful world, shaping your Sims’ lifestyles with careers, hobbies, relationships, families and more. You can talk to other Sims and influence certain events to happen to guide your Sims’ lives. You can even meet other players’ Sims at parties or around the town! 

This is a very fun and addictive time-killer, but it’s in real-time. If you’re looking for the regular Sims, this might not be it for you, though many enjoy this game (especially over The Sims Freeplay). The main gripe with this game is that even this is P2W. Your Sims are given quests to complete in a limited amount of time, but a lot of the tasks to do are time/energy consuming and the only way to truly do them is to pay for them to be done. It doesn’t help that everything is either expensive or takes too much of your Sims’ energy.

When it comes to tasks, event times take too long, such as 8+ hours for something simple to finish. This, obviously, can make the game slow and boring. 

If you want to create your own Sims, homes, and venues, and guide their lives on the go, then this is your chance! 

2. SimCity BuildIt

In SimCity BuildIt, you’re the Mayor/hero of your own city that you design and create. Much like the Sims, every decision is yours as your city grows larger and more intricate. It’s your job to make smart choices to keep your citizens happy and your city growing. This is an easy to learn game with great graphics and detailed areas and landmarks you can build like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, parks, factories, education, and much more. Be strategic and solve real-life challenges like fires, pollution, and traffic while placing your buildings to make sure your taxes are flowing and your city’s growing. Everything is in your hands to make your city unique and functioning.

SimCity BuildIt

Many users have been around for years, though this is not like the original SimCity. This, like Sims Mobile, has real-time events that you’ll pretty much have to pay to speed up. It doesn’t help that there’s mandatory ads and not paying will set you behind the curve in the PVP. 

You can trade, chat, compete, and join clubs with fellow Mayors where you can then have Club Wars in real-time PVP and wage war on other cities. Here, you will unleash disasters like Disco Twister on other cities and can watch it in real-time. Through Disaster Cards, SimCash, and other valuables, you can improve your city or battle it out to become the top Mayor. 

The only problems here are hackers and payers, making competition very hard and not fair for those who don’t want to pay. The only other big problem is that leveling up hurts you when you’re trying to get a specific item because it makes that randomized item harder to find.

If you want to make a city and control every aspect while fighting alongside a Club against other Mayors then this is it for you! This game is very fun and addictive with great graphics and a lot of strategy put into your hands. 

Best Android Puzzle Games

Sometimes you just want to entice the mind with a puzzle. Connect the dots and strategize with the best Android puzzle games just for that.

1. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle 

Alright horror and puzzle fans, this is for you. Using Jason Voorhees, your goal is to stalk and slay campers across 8 gut-wrenching strategy-infused “episodes” for 100+ free killer puzzle levels through the campgrounds of Crystal Lake, the high rises of Manhattan, and all over the world (and maybe beyond). Encounter cops, traps, SWAT teams, teleporters, Jason’s mom and more as you see Jason like never before: Supermax Jason, Frozen Jason, Apocalypse Jason, and so on!

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle

This game has great graphics, perfect for its gruesome and gory deaths, but if that bothers you, you can put it on PG mode for a family-friendly experience. Easy to play and very enjoyable, this is great for F13, horror, and puzzle fans. At first, the puzzles are very easy, but that changes quickly to needing a lot of thinking and strategy. Many even call it the best game on the app store. You can even play it offline!

Sadly, at the end of the game, you must pay $10 if you want more of it. The only other problem is that you’re forced to watch ads, but even the smallest payment gets rid of them. This is a great puzzle game full of horror that F13 and puzzle fans are sure to love.

2. Two Dots 

Two Dots, the #1 game in 100 countries, has you join dots together in all different types of environments: the arctic tundra, fiery jungles, and the ocean. With 2210 fun, creative, and addicting levels, you can connect one dot of a specific color to another, sink anchors, make a line, create bombs, fight fire, and more. 

Two Dots

Two Dots has beautiful minimalistic graphics, gameplay, and relaxing game music. Easy and strategic, you can play Two Dots at your own pace to figure out the perfect move without having to worry about the time clock. You can even challenge FaceBook friends at Two Dots, beat their scores, and earn medals.

Though it’s free to play, you need gold to advance. If you want to play certain levels or the well-beloved Scavenger Hunt, get your lives back faster, and more, you’ll need to pay. This mechanic has ruined the game for someone, as well as the constant ads, but if you’re looking for a strategic puzzle game to pass time, then this is perfect for you.

Best Free Offline Android Games 

Nothing’s worse than when you have no wifi and you’re just trying to make time pass or play a game. Thankfully, Android has a large amount of offline games just for these instances, including these top two.

1. Alto’s Odyssey 

The standalone successor to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey brings you into Alto’s world where you can join him and his friends on an endless sandboarding journey throughout a majestic, vast and unexplored desert to discover its secrets. 

Alto’s Odyssey

With a whole bunch of Biomes from dunes, to canyons, to temples, you can explore an alluring landscape with beautiful and unique visuals. Alto’s Odyssey is easy to learn, but difficult to master with a one-touch trick system where you can chain together combos and complete 180 goals. Unlock all six unique characters to get all of their unique attributes and abilities.

There are two additional modes: Photo and Zen. Photo Mode allows you to take your ideal picture of your desert trip from the pause screen to share with others. The therapeutic Zen Mode, a huge favorite, has its own serene soundtrack and is very, very relaxing - taking away the scores, coins, and power-ups and just leaving you, Alto, and the endless desert. It’s highly recommended to listen to this with headphones because of its enchanting original music.

Alto’s Odyssey is simple, easy to learn, addicting, interesting, and fun. There are some ads, but you only really need to watch them to get a life back. It would be better with some more goals and Biomes since there’s nothing left after beating it, and if they fixed the glitches and lag, but it’s amazing, serene, and relaxing otherwise. 

2. Crossy Road 

An old and loved game, Crossy Road is known for being extremely addicting and a great time-killer. With over 260 retro-styled pop art inspired characters to be collected and cute and enjoyable 3D pixel animation, this game has a very simple goal: cross the road. The road isn’t always a road, though. You can cross roads, train tracks, and rivers, and endlessly hip forever. This is a very simple game, but it’s much harder and challenging than you’d think from looks.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road has become so big you can now even play it on your big screen with Android TV, and though it has ads, you can choose to not watch them. One thing well-loved now is its same device multiplayer. It would be great if this was also available on separate devices, but it’s still well enjoyed now.

The only flaw would be that it can get repetitive and boring when you’re far into the game with many characters, especially when you’re not getting the new characters you want. Still, that’ll take a while to get to with 260+ characters and a lot of time and fun to be had before then.

Best Android Racing Games 

Heart-pumping, exhilarating, and speed-chasing; racing games have always been a staple in the gaming industry. Android racing games bring that enjoyability to your phone with great games like these.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends 

Asphalt 9: Legends is a hyper-realistic arcade racing game with meticulously detailed real cars from renowned car manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. Your goal here is like in any racing game: become the Legend of the Track! Asphalt 9’s Career Mode has over 60 seasons and 800 events, and you can collect over 50 of the world’s best speedy cars.

Asphalt 9 Legends

This game is challenging and a great arcade racing game with features like a bursting Nitro Pulse to send you into a speeding frenzy and a double-tap brake feature to do a 360 at any time to take out opponents. It even has a TouchDrive feature to let your car drive itself while you focus on the arcade fun and speed, but this feature isn’t liked because you lose control.

You’re not stuck to AI. You can race up to 7 rival players all over the world in online Multiplayer and create your own online community of racers with the Club feature where you can compete to be the top of your club. Unfortunately, this game has ads galore and is P2W. This makes multiplayer unfair because paying players have better cars and are in higher leagues where if they do one 360, you’re done for. You’re only allowed to drive cars in your league (silver, gold, elite, etc.), yet you’ll have to face off against players in higher leagues and be cursed to lose.

If you’re not afraid of this competition, or you just want a great racing game with great controls, this is it!

2. Real Racing 3 

Real Racing 3 is a multi-award winning game with a lot of praise, most for being the Best Mobile Game of 2013. Often called the best racing game, it has an ever-expanding roster of officially licensed tracks with 39 circuits at 17 real-world locations (including Silverstone, Hockenheimring, Le Mans, Dubai Autodrome, and more), a 43-car grid, and over 140 meticulously detailed cars from top manufacturers like Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Benz. With over 4,000 events including Cup races, eliminations, and Endurance Challenges, you’ll likely be playing this fun game for quite a while.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 has great graphics with extremely high-quality visuals and a lot of cars that you can customize with a wide range of upgrades. It has real-time multiplayer, social leaderboards, Time Trials, and Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) that allows you to race anyone, anywhere, anytime with their AI-controlled versions. You can play with friends and rivals in a global 8-player, cross-platform, real-time race. 

This game is P2W. You’re forced to watch ads unless you pay not to, and they charge you to buy cars (one of which is $99) to have a chance in Multiplayer. Getting cars is hard unless you pay, and the gold in the game costs too much regardless. You must pay to get more gold or keep driving a car, and good courses are locked behind paywalls. 

Other than this, the game is very fun and an amazing racing game that is one of the best.

Best Android Trivia Games 

Another mind-boggler, trivia games test your knowledge of many topics and how much you know about certain subjects - no matter how useless your friends may find the knowledge. Here are the best Android trivia games to enlighten you and test how many random things you know.

1. Trivia Crack 

Test your knowledge in six different categories led by six exciting characters in Trivia Crack. By spinning Willy the Wheel and letting fate decide where to start your quiz question games, you can be tested on geography, maths and sciences, history, sports, the arts, or popular culture (TV, movies, music, and videogames).

Trivia Crack app

This addictive and fun game is made for multiplayer where you can challenge your friends and family and strangers. Spin the wheel and answer correctly to not miss your turn. Your goal is to fill a crown gauge by answering 3 questions correctly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatch one of theirs. You must get all six characters to win a match. 

If you don’t want to play online, there is a single-player mode where you can answer questions non-stop to beat your high score. This has no turns or waits, it’s trivia at your own pace. You can also do the Treasure Hunt mode and collect answers to progress through the map and dig up amazing prizes.

One thing players don’t like is that you’re forced to watch a lot of ads and can’t remove the “Piggy Bank” from your screen. The only way to do this is to buy the app without ads - which comes in at $1.99, still a lot cheaper than Trivia Crack 2. The questions are also American-focused and can have bad grammar or wrong answers or just be plain invalid. 

This is still a pretty fun multiplayer trivia game great for testing your knowledge and facing off against others.

2. Trivia 360

Trivia 360 is an excellent brain game full of trivia to add to your knowledge. With a variety of trivia puzzles in different categories, such as Classic 4-answer questions, true/false, flag quiz, landmark riddles, and more, your goal is simply to see how many questions you can get right. Trivia 360 has a lot of questions and is quite addicting and a great time-killer.

Trivia 360

Unlike Trivia Crack, Trivia 360 has unlimited chances to retry and you can even check an answer’s sources on the app if you don’t think it’s correct. While there are a lot of questions, some are very challenging, which is great, but others are very specific and do not belong in the general knowledge section. Still, the trivia is great.

Unfortunately, players don’t like that there are limited categories and that the game is too focused on America over the rest of the world. The app also sometimes repeats itself, and there are ads but you can skip them. While this doesn’t seem as complex as Trivia Crack, it’s well-loved and many prefer it to Trivia Crack with its great questions and better reliability.

Best Premium Android Games

There are also a lot of games that you just pay upfront for - called paid or premium games. No additional charges (sometimes), but the whole game and a lot of fun. If you’re looking to play a fun, addicting game and you’re okay to spend some money, then you need to check out these games. 

Here, we’ve chosen the best three Android games out there that you need to play. 

1. Stardew Valley 

When people look at Stardew Valley, they think it’s just a farming simulator. I know I did. “Why in the world would I enjoy that? It looks boring.” I’ve never been more wrong about a game. Stardew Valley is one of the most addicting and fun games I’ve ever played. 

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an award-winning open-ended farming RPG with over 50+ hours of gameplay where you can build the farm of your dreams, starting with overgrown fields, raise and breed happy animals, customize your farmer and home with hundreds of options, and settle down and start a family with 12 potential marriage partners. Similar to Harvest Moon, you’re not only a farmer, but a fighter. You can explore vast, mysterious caves and fight monsters and get valuable treasure, or fish, cook, and even be a part of the community in seasonal festivals and villager quests. 

You won’t be able to put your phone down because this game is truly worth its price. Some have even said this version is better than the PC and console version with mobile-specific features such as auto-select to toggle quickly between your tools, a virtual joystick, and auto-attack to swiftly take down monsters in the mine. This game is extremely fun with great graphics to back it up.

While its controls can be confusing at first, or just wonky and took sensitive overall, some people have just gotten a Bluetooth joypad to play it on. There aren’t any other downsides to the game… it’s just really addictive, fun, and enjoyable.

2. Minecraft 

Thanks to meme culture, nostalgia, and our great young generations, Minecraft is back on the rise! You have to know what Minecraft is, right? In a block world, you can explore infinite worlds where creativity’s in your hands and you can build whatever your heart desires from homes to castles. 

Minecraft app

With amazing hi-res graphics, this fun-for-all-ages game allows you to play in creative mode, where you have unlimited resources, or survival mode, where you can craft weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. No matter what you do, you can create, explore, and survive alone or with friends.

Minecraft gives multiplayer a new meaning, being a game for the community. You can play with up to 10 friends cross-platform, anytime, anywhere on Realms, your own private server, with a free 30-day trial-in-app, or you can play with up to 4 friends with a free XBOX live account online. If you don’t have either, you can still join the free massive multiplayer servers and play with thousands of others online to discover gigantic community-run worlds, compete in unique mini-games, and socialize in lobbies full of new friends. You can even discover the latest community creations in the marketplace - getting unique maps, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators. 

With the ability to do almost anything, even modders are blessed by this game. You can customize your experience with add-ons, mod the game to create new resource packs, or use slash commands to tweak how the game plays - whether than be giving items away, summoning mobs, changing the time of day, and more.

This is obviously a favorite game to many, though the latest update wasn’t so great - making the app glitchy, laggy, and making players have a hard time connecting to multiplayer. Still, it’s one of the best games out there that you should honestly check out if you want some creative fun. 

3. The Room Series

Yes, we’re cheating here. This is Fireproof Games’ four-game series by, at the moment, with The Room, The Room Two, The Room Three, and The Room: Old Sins. This series is a multi-award-winning mind-bending mystery puzzle journey set in a beautiful 3D world with detailed 3D objects. An unsettlingly realistic game with beautiful, eery graphics, The Room Series is an addictive and great mystery and puzzle game with single-finger controls.

The Room Series

“Think you know what you’re looking at? Think again.” This is the great concept of The Room. These games have you jump into worlds of mystery and exploration following an enigmatic scientist, an engineer, and a mysterious figure on a remote island, home attic, and more. 

Amped by an unnerving, haunting, and dynamic soundtrack, this game is beautiful with flawless controls, complex and detailed puzzles, and immersive, thought-out stories. Most love every installment, with the only one to get any one stars being The Room, the rest having only 3 stars and up. Right now, people seem to enjoy the third the most due to its alternate endings and that it seems longer than Old Sins, a problem for some since Old Sins costs the most. 

Able to be played offline, this is called the best puzzle game and what puzzle games should strive to be. The only issues are the Room One’s touch interface not registering your touches, which is fixed with the Room Two, and that you must replay and complete the same puzzles again for alternate endings in Room Three.

Regardless, this is a must-play and one of the best games on Google Play, hands down.


Whether you’re looking to pay or just get a free-to-play game, you’re sure to find a great option among these strong games. Android delivers amazing games to your phone, and why not entice the mind and play a game to pass the time, titillate the brain, and immerse yourself into different worlds. We covered word game apps in another article, so check that out as well!


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