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4 Best Deck Building Games in 2024

Source: altarofgaming.com

Since Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards were released back in 1999, deck-building games became highly popular in its home country, Japan. The western hemisphere was blown away when this game reached the shores of the US three years later. This is a game that had a massive influence on the future of card games. Since then, we can see that a plethora of different deck-building games was launched with hopes of being as popular as Yu-Gi-Oh! Naturally, this is something that will be really hard to do since this game set the world record as the top-selling trading card game with more than 22 billion cards sold in all parts of the world. This is something that was officially recognized by Guinness World Records. As we said, since then we had the opportunity to witness the rise and falls of many different deck building games.

It can be said that this concept of card games hasn’t been abandoned even with the increase of board and card games. Surely, the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh! hit all of the right spots needed for this type of card game to be as popular as they are today. Their number is so big that people who are newbies to this world will surely have a massive headache when choosing which one to start with. This is a pretty natural thing since there are so many of them available on the market. At the same time, a lot of them deserve the credit they are getting from their users. We really wanted to help you with selecting the best cards games of this type. Therefore, we’ve decided to provide our readers with a list of the best deck building games available in 2024. Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Dominion

Maybe you didn’t know but Dominion was the first deck-building game that was released, ever. Even though there are countless other games that followed, this is still the best one. This game is often described as a game that has literally everything needed for a deck-building game. The theme is a truly fantastic one. Plus, you will be able to witness some great artwork while you are playing it. One of the best things about this game is the balance of power. This means that, even though there are some cards that really have massive strength, the game will not be unbalanced no matter which cards are drawn. If you ask any user who enjoys this game you will hear that learning the basics of this game is pretty easy, but the game requires a couple of years for a player to master it completely. Conduct a Google search and you will see that this game won a significant number of awards throughout the years. This is not without a reason.

2. Blood Bowl: Team Manager

Blood Bowl: Team Manager is a game that is surely well-known to all of the people that have experience with playing board games. This is some sort of a parody of American football. At the same time, this game offers some great humor that will make the gaming experience much better. There are six different teams that can be controlled by a player, Orcs, Humans, Chaos, The Skaven, Wood Elves, and Dwarves. Each one of these teams has their own advantages and disadvantages, which is a truly exceptional thing. None of the players will have an easy task of beating this game. Therefore, it should be said that this is a game of strategy that requires a lot of thinking for the upcoming steps. Warhammer is a pretty diverse universe. So, it is no surprise that they released a deck-building game. Be sure to check it out.

3. Mage Knight

Mage knight is a game that can be played in many ways and by using multiple styles that we can even count. This is a perfect game that has numerous expansions. This alone should provide you with an idea about how popular it is. Moreover, you will surely enjoy some exceptional artwork and designs that will surely improve your playing experience. This is a game that is all about the strategy and the style you are going to use in order to grow your army and defeat all the opponents. Each card has two attributes, primary and secondary. During participating in a game, you are going to be able to level up your army or particular hero in order to make them much stronger and powerful. This is not an easy game to master, so you will need some time in order to learn all of the features that you can use. One of its expansions that we really recommend is Lost Legion, which provides a pretty nice touch to the game itself. Some people even gave up learning to play this game since it is pretty hard to understand it.

4. Clank!

As it is with a high majority of deck-building games, Clank! will begin with each player having cards of low level and a pretty simple deck. Over time, each player will have the opportunity to increase the strength of its deck and be more successful than other players. It should be said that this game really stands out from the crowd since it has a pretty unique and pretty efficient concept. The main, let’s say, an antagonist of this game is a dragon that lost his gold and who is pretty unhappy about it. At some points in the game, the dragon will attack the platers and loot their supplies and damage the heroes. The goal of the game is to take all of the gold from a dragon, which is not easy. The most dangerous thing in this game is Clank! the mechanism that carries massive consequences to the player that activates it. So, each player has two options, to go big in looting or to play it safe and win at the end. This is entirely up to the player and its preferences.