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Best Idle Games for Android in 2024 – Ranked by Gamers

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Have you ever played any of the idle games? Probably did, but you may not have known it was this genre of the video game. Either way, these are games that are extremely suitable for those gamers who don’t want to strain their brains too much or for those who are lazy. Wondering why? Well, simply, each of the games that fall into this genre does not require complex operations by players, but it is enough to just click on the screen of your smartphone. Believe it or not, that’s really all you have to do, after which you get certain coins specific to a certain title.

Another interesting thing is that in some games you don’t even have to click, or you don’t even have to play and be present. The game plays itself! From this feature comes the name for the whole genre-idle games. In addition, these may be known to you as clicking or incremental games. All of these facts about idle games are weird, but it all makes this genre quite popular. With that in mind, we decided to create a list of some of the best idle games for Android right now and bring this genre a little closer to anyone who isn’t too familiar with it. Check out our list below, and if you’re ready, let’s get started.

How to Score Highest in Any Idle Game?

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A solution to this can be an auto tapper or autoclicker like the one you can get from (Fastautoclicker.com) for your Windows PC that allows you to robotically click without having to lift a finger. This will ensure that you will keep your clicking rate at the highest possible without putting any manual effort. ”

1. AdVenture Capitalist

Undoubtedly the most popular game for the Android platform right now is AdVenture Capitalist. First of all, we must emphasize that this game is completely free to download so that all readers who have Android devices (minimum Android 5.0) and the installed Play Store can try it.

When it comes to gameplay, you start out as the owner of a small lemonade stand. The goal is to improve and expand your business as much as possible in order to earn even more money. In addition to expanding your business and buying new buildings, you can also hire workers and managers, but also to cooperate with investors who will help you.

As a final feature, we certainly need to single out regular updates and new expansions that bring fresh content and retain a large number of players.

2. Idle Miner Tycoon-Mine Manager Simulator


If you have always wanted to be a mine manager, then Idle Miner Tycoon-Mine Manager Simulator is the right thing for you. In addition to the opportunity to manage a larger number of mines, you will also be able to accumulate and later sell everything you dig out of the ground.

The game develops from owning only one mineshaft and excavating low-value materials, to expanding the business to some more mines, increasing the value of the mentioned materials, expanding the capacity of ore silos, etc.

Also, the goal is to automate the process so you don’t have to play at all, but your income comes literally while you sleep. All in all, thanks to the customizable characters, but also some special events, this game is very dynamic and brings great fun. Idle Miner Tycoon is also free to download.

3. Empire Tycoon Hotel


On the other hand, for those who prefer hotel industry and owning a chain of 5-star facilities, then Hotel Empire Tycoon idle is an Android game that you have to install on your smart device.

As you can imagine, the goal is to improve the hotel as much as possible from the initial state in which you start the game. Also, you have the task of managing all segments of the hotel such as employees, staff, managers and of course guests.

If you successfully complete the tasks, you will be able to expand your hotel in every sense, from improving the interior to the ultimate goal of buying and opening other luxury hotels in different destinations. Some of the interesting tasks are for example sightseeing tour or giving different lessons to the guests of your hotel. The Empire Tycoon Hotel is also completely free on the Google Play Store, so you can start building your empire hotel today.

4. Medieval: Idle Tycoon

Speaking of empire, you may still be more for some strategic medieval endeavors like Medieval: Idle Tycoon. The goal of this game is to build a powerful medieval city, collect taxes from your vassals and invest so that you can generate even higher income.

Like most idle games, this one is also automated and does not require you to play it non-stop. Even when you’re asleep, or you’re offline. Also, you can hire some of the collaborators or heroes to make your missions more efficient.

One thing is especially interesting about Medieval: Idle Tycoon. It is a 3D design that brings a new gaming experience when it comes to idle games. Castles, smithies, other medieval buildings and of course the characters look amazing. In addition, we must mention that this Android game is also completely free to download.

5. Egg, Inc.

The last, but certainly not the least important idle game on our list of the best idle games for Android is Egg, Inc. Before we say anything else, you have to know that this game is very interesting, exciting, but also a bit strange.

First of all, this is a great idle clicker title that brings you the chance to manage a chicken farm. So, the goal is to have as many chickens as possible so they can lay eggs that actually bring you earnings and in-game money. Also, later you can use that money and buy upgrades, some new items, etc. All this will help you reach a high level sooner.

However, one thing is strange, and that is shooting at drones. Yes, you read that right, flying drones. Although it sounds quite unusual, this activity can also help you level-up and raise money. All in all, Egg, Inc. is a great game that is definitely among the best and most fun idle games for Android at the moment.


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Idle games, although quite passive at times, bring great fun and the right way to spend time. Since Android is the most popular smartphone OS, there are a large number of titles available to download and install totally for free. We’ve listed some of them above, and there’s no doubt you’ll have great fun playing them.