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Best Online Games – 2024 Guide

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Thanks to technology development, the game industry faced unbelievable growth in the last period. The rage of online games is limitless, so there is surely something for everyone’s taste. Interestingly, studies show that playing games have multiple benefits for our organisms.

It helps us reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve our focus and concentration, and stimulate our creativity. There are multiple ways to play online games, so players can choose to pay games from Internet browsers, which is a very popular option nowadays because it does not require any downloading or additional preparation.

Best of all, games are so easy to play and enjoyable. Despite this, there are other popular ways to play games such as through the PlayStations, Xboxes, etc,, so players should select the option that best suits them and their gaming performances.

However, even though there are still players who are users of playing the games on the console, the future of the online gaming industry is going to be highlighted. In this article, we prepared some online games that are currently most popular in 2024.

1. Gems Match 3

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Let’s start our list of top games in 2024 with the Gems Match 3 that attracted so many players in the recent period. This game is not so complex for playing, so anytime you feel stressed this is the type of game that can help you relax and relieve thoughts. The game starts with an 8×8 grid of randomly ordered colorful gems from different shapes.

The player has limited time to finish the game and that is two minutes. The game is user-friendly, which means that anytime you make the mistake or get stuck in some part, the game will help you by giving you hints. Therefore, you will know which gems and where you should pick or put them.

The concept of this game refers to lining up three or more gems in a row. In that way, they can dissolve which will increase your score. Basically, every time you dissolve the gems, new ones will fall from the top of the frame and replace them. In general, your goal is to line up as many gems as you can.

However, you will achieve the biggest success in this game when you perform a cascade. This means that you need to dissolve one set of gems and then the new falling gems align into rows of 3 or more. After that, you need to dissolve everything without moving any further gems. If you are interested to try this game, you can play here.

2. PUBG game

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PUBG is currently the game with the most active players, so you all probably heard of it. What makes this game so attractive is its realistic graphics as well as incredible game purpose. Statistics show that this is the most played game in the world and all there are no players who try this game and did not like what they experienced.

People like the battle royale mode that this game brings. The game theme includes different modes in which players can play in a team or single. Battle mode includes hundred of players who need to fight against each other constantly. Metaphorically speaking, this is the last man standing game because the player needs to kill other players in the battle royale if he wants to win it.

Basically, at the end of every match, players will get rewards according to their performances during the game. These rewards will help each player to boot their character level and unlock crates that provide valuable items. More precisely, those items are important for players because they can help them in the further game such as some weapon customization, attire for players, and some other features.

3. Fortnite game

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Since 2017 when Epic Game software developed the Fornite game, the popularity is huge even today. Like the previous game we talked about, this also provides a battle and survival character that gives a true adrenaline rush while you play it. You can find four major game modes that you can experience while playing Fortnite. Therefore, there is something for everyone’s taste. Those modes are Battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World.

Basically, the main concept of the Fortnite battle royal game is that players need to fight against each other in order to survive until the end of the game round. What makes this game so amazing is the fact that even 100 players can be included in battle royal mode. In general, players can choose whether they want to play solo or in a group of 4 players.

Players should know that the highlight of this game does not refer to the fights and gun usage. More precisely battle royal mode in this game include much more such as building walls, stairs, and all other different support that will help players in their game performances. This is something that other battle royal games do not provide.

4. Call of Duty game

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Call of Duty is one of the most top-played games for many years since the first game version was released. The theme of the Call of Duty game refers to the wars in history. According to players all around the globe, this is one of the best shooting games that is available. The game is so realistic that you literally have a true feeling like you are the character you are playing with.

What makes this game so attractive is the fact that gives you an adrenaline rush through the whole mission and intrigues you to continue playing it after finishing every mission. Best of all, this is not an easy game, so you need to develop strategies and tactics in order to win.

The game has released multiple titles but the most popular among them are: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty WW2.It is worth mentioning that this is a multiplayer game so you can play it with anyone around the world.

5. League of Legends game

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In general, League of Legends is a multiplayer online game, developed and released by Riot Games. The development of this game was incited by the popular game called Defense of the Ancients. However, the main purpose of creating this game is to provide players stand-alone game from the same genre.

League of Legends game is available for all players for free, however, if some of the players want to experience some advancements they can invest money in this game and boost the game level. Basically, the game is so interesting that even the free model of the game is the most used by players all around the globe.

The concept of the game is that there are two teams of five players that need to fight each other. In that process, they need to defend their own side of the map. Every player has his own character customized by the player’s taste. Logically, all of these characters have their own performances, styles, and attributes for playing. For more details, check BoostRoyal DE.

There is one of the simplest methods that a team can do to win in the match and that refers to collecting experience points and purchasing items. Those features will make the team even more powerful and it will help them defeat the other team. Basically, the teams need to fight against each other from 20 to 50 minutes on average.