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Best Productivity Apps – You Should Try

Best Productivity Apps

Best Productivity Apps

The list of Best Productivity Apps

In this article, we are going to cover free online Best Productivity Apps for your business. The good thing about all these Productivity Apps is that they’re free so you don’t need to sign up for any kind of subscription or pay to download these apps.

Because it will be free to use and although most of them have a premium version they are honest lists because the features in the premium version are not that essential to make the app useless in case you opt for the free version.


Number one Best Productivity Apps is slack this platform offers real-time messaging private groups and persistent chat rooms everything is searchable to a Search box and what is really great about this tool is the enormous amount of Integrations available.

For example, you can integrate it with drop boxes on Google Docs, stripe, and much more this tool is completely free. And if you want to look at the pricing to see what’s included in the free version because there is also a premium one. This is the one we like the most we have 10,000 messages.

So between we can search the five Integrations. I, unfortunately, the integration you’ll be able to use it only up to five three native apps for iOS multi-team sport. There is an unlimited number of users you can add and then if you want you can look at the premium plans.

If you need something more actually complex like guest access priority support or custom message detention policies and so much more, to be honest, I felt quite good with the free plan, but it really depends on what your input you want to do this to have a look at all the plants.

Let’s go into the application that is gestation um process is quite easily and quickly. You just have to Define your own domain. I already own that. It will ask you for the login access detail. Once you are in you have a nice interface with a sidebar on your left where you can see all your channels, you can create a new one like YouTube within you can Define the for pose whatever you need.

How does the channel work inside the channel? You can write hello and everyone that every member of your team will see the message you can chat with them. You can broadcast it. Also for each Channel, you can Define the Integrations.  That’s a very great tool very well made give it a shot.


The second Best Productivity Apps in our chart is Asana teamwork without email is for the state and I heard of this software while be given a detailed description around what this tool does and they keep saying that if you start using an Asana, you will no longer need an email.

What does this mean? Basically the Asana is a very good tool when it comes to project management to project tracking thing communication when you need to actually with teams all over the world. Especially for collaboration will look into the application in a minute and just want to show you what do you get with the premium version you pretty much have lots of feature in the free version, which is great.

But with the premium version you get private projects, private teams are limited guests. You can invite your customers to contractors whatever you want priorities. Port and dashboards As soon as you log into the application, this is the actual screen that you will see on the left side.

You have a sidebar with the project panel. Only the project members would be able to see that spooked that is private project here. So here we have our task list because that’s actually what the tool does. As I said is very good for the project management task list and collaboration.

So every member in your steam can actually see what happens have an update on the project. You can flag it as completed. You can flag it. Of course, you can define a series of tasks subtasks. So with this button near subtask, ask 1 subtask 2 and then in each subtask, you can Aside from the assignee you can have a due date you can add other comments and other details.

That’s actually great inside the main project area. You can also Define sections. Instead of typing might ask you can write my section and adding a column at the end will actually Define that the section so the spine.

Another very good feature is the sent ask email. Basically Every time you log into your account, You have your own private email and if you send an email to this address with the subject will become the task name. The body will become the fastest three option and the attachments will be attached of coverings for each project. You can define a due date.

This tool has such many more features in this tool and I can guarantee you that if you start using that you will never stop.


Number three Best Productivity Apps in our list is appear.in. This tool is the perfect example of an application that does one thing and it does it pretty damn Well, you can have up to eight people is an application for video conversation.

So you can do video conferences audio conferences in a second. Actually. You just have to create your own room. So we’ll include our Channel click on start it will connect you and boom you’ll be live streaming.

Being with wherever is joining the meeting in order to join the meeting you just have to provide the URL to you want to invite and when they join they be able to actually chat with you. You can lock the room. You can clean claim the room.

If you click on you see As the owner you can own the room name keep the room locked even when empty set a custom background image and such kick people out of the room, they drive you insane. You might want to keep them out and you can lock the room and make it private.

If somebody at size to access the room like here The lab to knock as you can see so basically if they can knock and the owner allows them to enter the room. They can start the shot. Otherwise, they will never see what’s going on in there.

Very great tool. You can use that as an alternative Skye to especially when it comes to conferences where you need to invite more than two people because it’s a very interesting tool especially if you need something fast or you are on a laptop that you don’t own.


Number four in Best Productivity Apps is Bitrix24. It will take a single video to talk about this amazing tool as it comes with 35 Tools in one single place. ERM HR project management private social networks course meetings conferences and much more all of this stuff will be included in your free account for Bitrix24.

With expanding If we want to look at the pricing. As you can see there is a free plan. There are no fees and you can have up to 12 employees $25 per month for additional employees nonexternal users online storage and are pretty much all the options other than external users and work reports time management in that stuff but very much 85% of the functionalities are there.

I really suggest you give it a try if you are looking for a tool that has everything in one place to manage your small online business. Even if you are a midsize company will suit you. I really suggest you look at this tool.


Two more Best Productivity Apps to go and we’ll talk about number 5, which is Waveapps Best Productivity Apps is a free application that helps you manage your business finances from anywhere. It has a wonderful received functionality that allows you to take a picture of the receipt from your phone and you can have those uploaded into your application.

It’s integrated with stripe the payment system and allows you to send invoices to your customers and then them paid by credit card. This is a must-have in my opinion. Since I have subscribed to that and using this tool pretty much every time I need to issue an invoice to my customer and especially to keep my accounts in one place.

We have a sidebar panel with all the menus. We can see our transactions we can see our invoices believe receives another stuff. There is a list of processes that actually never used. But I want to show list you the so you can find an accountant and invite him to join you on web apps which maybe it may be handy.

In the dashboard, you have a very nice chart that repeals the income and expenses the invoices that are due to be paid the bills you whole and the net income and also your business expenses divided by category.

You can add new categories actually using the menus It’s very nice. There is also an option to add a bank account if we click on it. You can type the name of your bank and if we’ve abscess an integration that offers over ten thousand Banks you can choose from you’ll be able to connect your account to the web apps one, which means that you’ll be able to import all automatically the transactions.


The last Best Productivity Apps in our list is Tweetdeck when it comes to online business social media had a master’s you might imagine. Have you ever wondered if there was a way to manage multiple Twitter accounts in one place? Well, Twitter at the ants were they developed this nice tool that lets you control all your Twitter accounts in one single place.

Also, you have good functionality which is shadowing the tweets. So you can simply Define the date when the tweets should go live. You’ll be able to shadow that this is how the interface looks once you logged in as can see there is a gnome-panel where you see all the people you follow and the notifications panel.

Basically all the information in regards to people starting um following you or if they mention you and other stuff like those messages, you can see the messages you received your account activity. And basically that’s what you have if we click on the Education it will highlight the panel if we click on messages will alight the third panel.

If we want to add a new account, we click on accounts we can click on had another Twitter account.
There is a disclaimer around multi-account security you once you confirm you can add the new account you want. This is our list of Best Productivity Apps for Mac, ios, iPad, and Android.