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Legal Steps For Buying A Property In St Kitts And Nevis As An Expat

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St. Kitts and Nevis is a tropical place and shows various reasons to emerge as a potential real estate investment, especially for ex-pats. Even if you talk about the basics, like the residential and professional work availabilities, there are many emerging housing options and industrial requirements. For those still considering this option, this place is the smallest nation. It is the smallest in size and also the population density. This can be a sure-shot choice if you want an open space with fewer people.

The housing facility is a basic requirement, and there are options like villas, resorts, flats, and condos. You can choose anything that goes well with your taste and preference. However, as a foreigner or expat, there might be some additional costs that you have to pay. Also, there can be some additional requirements that should be fulfilled on priority from your end.

However, you should take the legal way when planning to do anything such. Legal steps will be more rewarding when you have an experienced attorney by your side for suggestions and recommendations.

Why Take The Legal Way

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Hiring a verified real estate agent is helpful for your idea of buying property in St. Kitts and Nevis. Apart from being helpful, it is a good and necessary step. Many local people can help you with the application forms from service providers. The license is an important step in acquiring the land-holding license. As an expat, it is an essential document in the dealings.

You might have the right information, but surely, the professionals have something better to offer. They are equipped with qualitative inputs that can enhance your experience buying property in this place as an ex-pat.

Legal Steps For A Safe And Trust-Worthy Experience

You will be happy to know that if you invest in the real estate of this place, you make yourself eligible for attaining full citizenship of the place. So, the first clarity you need is that rules for people with valid papers differ from the foreigners showing interest in the property over here.

As an expat, consider taking the following legal steps for a secured buying or selling experience.

Hiring Experienced Professionals For Assistance

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Assistance does not mean having the first person you come across on board for the requirements. Who knows whether they are equipped with what you seek or not?

There can be no better judge than you. You know what you are looking for; hence, you should research.

The role of a good attorney is much more than helping you out with the final choice of the property you want to invest in. For example, attaining the special license you need for trading is incomplete without an attorney. You need approval for the transaction as a foreigner.

So, the tip for you is to go for someone local and experienced. They know the ground rules. When you have someone like that on your side, you can be sure of advantages and comfortable transactions.

Gathering The Knowledge About Official Regulations

So, when dealing with the real estate of any town, city, or nation, there are some rules you should know. As far as this place is concerned, there are two models through which the dealings occur. The first option is after becoming a citizen. The second thing is that you need to get your hands on the license. Also, this is followed by paying an approximate 10% tax after the investment is completed.

However, the option is relatively profitable if you are doing it as a citizen.

Having Proper Information Regarding The Process And Other Details

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The process is not very long but has some details you should know about. It is important to experience comfort and bag the best deal based on your demand, expectation, and, most importantly, your budget.

While discussing these details, you will come across a term called additional fees. As an expat, you are expected to pay this fee for acquiring real estate without any hurdles in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

The additional fees are a rule that works for foreigners interested in the real estate trade. If you belong to the same category, you are supposed to pay 10% of the property’s value in the form of additional fees. The expenditure does not stop here.

Further, the legal formalities in the name of legal tax stand at 5%. The initial signing amount that you are expected to pay is $1,000. Apart from that, there may be some small amounts in the name of fees that you need to pay. Your attorney will guide you on the same and help you opt for the transaction at genuine yet affordable costs.

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There are some things that you should know apart from these legal steps.

The alternative step that you can go for is gaining economic citizenship. In this case, too, you will need an experienced legal professional by your side. In such an instance, the licensing cost can go up to 12% of the market price at which your selected property is closed.

Such citizenship opens the dual citizenship door for you. It means that you can relocate to this country and still hold the status of a citizen of your home country. However, with this, the investment can go up. You should invest in numerous real estate properties recognized and designated by the government. The official payments are also more. Hence, if you don’t have any other option and have an immense budget as a fallback option, you can go for this option. With this option, you get entitled to some benefits like the following:

  • Individual passport
  • Attaining full residency
  • Attaining the work permit for employment over here


So, hiring an experienced attorney or professional for the necessary legal steps for dealing with real estate transactions is a good choice. However, it would help if you did not forget that you must look beyond the reflections and choose based on what you are looking for.