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Can Haaland Win the Premier League’s Golden Boot Award In 2024?

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The situation in the PL is heating up with every game week. We can see a lot of surprises this season, both negative and positive. For example, a lot of people expected that Salah will continue to score a lot of goals and fight for another Golden Boot, but he is currently far away from the form he got in previous years. The same can be said for Son, who was sharing the Boot with Salah in season 21/22.

There is a new superstar in the most popular championship in the world, and his name is Erling Haaland. He signed for Manchester City this summer, and we all know that he will become a crucial asset for this team.

On the other hand, many people thought that he would need some time to adapt, which is common among players, especially those who are coming from other leagues. For instance, the German league is known for playing attacking football, and we can see that by checking the results. When it comes to the PL, a much bigger focus is on defense, and players are known to be stronger in duels.

That is one of the reasons why fans thought that reaching only 10 goals for Haaland will be a great achievement in the first year of the contract. However, he managed to prove everyone wrong very fast. His stats are amazing. He scored 14 goals in the first 8 games. There are even three assists to be added over that.

What Are the Odds Saying?

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The situation with current odds and those that were available is proof that sometimes the best solution to place money on some teams or players is before the season starts. Also, the selection of bookies can make a difference, and you should always compare the odds. One of the best options where you can bet online is 22bet. The best things about this website are an excellent selection of games, a user-friendly app, fast payments, and reliable support.

The best example of why it sometimes is better to choose some combinations on time is related to odds for Haaland to be a top scorer before the start of the season and at this moment. The value you could get for placing money on this player was nearly 3 in August. However, his amazing games have led to a huge drop in odds, and placing the money now will only provide you with 1.25 the value.

The second player on the list is Harry Kane, and bookies are giving 8.5 the value for him. When it comes to other players, Gabriel Jesus is providing 10, while a surprising comeback for Salah would provide you with 14 times the value. It is interesting that Salah still has much lower odds than some other players who scored more goals during this season, like Mitrovic, Toney, or Foden.

Main Rivals

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When we are looking at the standings at this point, it seems like there is no way for any player to reach Haaland and outscore him. The only player that might be able to do that is Harry Kane. However, his team is not consistent, and there are visible issues with the formation, style, and attacking proneness. Still, Kane is known as one of the best strikers in the world, and he is currently in top form. Also, even though there are visible struggles with the formation, Tottenham is holding the third position at the moment. Also, Kane is scoring even when his team is losing, which was the case in the previous game against Arsenal.

When it comes to the third name on the list of scorers, Mitrovic is known for creating trouble for the defense of each rival. Fulham had a decent start, and they are currently in 8th place. Still, it is questionable whether they will manage to keep the form for a longer time. It is interesting that a lot of teams face an excellent start once when they get from the Championship, but also drop in later stages. According to the experts, reaching 15 goals will be an outstanding achievement for Mitrovic.

We also have to mention the winners of the Golden Boot from last year, Son and Salah. Both of them are facing surprisingly weak forms. Son managed to score only 3 goals and add one assist, while Salah scored one goal less and add two more. No one expected this, especially from the Egyptian who was the leader of his team for years.

There Are Still Many Games to Be Played

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A lot of things can change throughout the season. There were only 8 game weeks passed by now, which means that we have 30 more. That is a lot of time for many things to change. If Haaland continues with the amazing form, that could be a new record for the league. The current record is from the season 94/95, when Alan Shearer scored 34. The Norwegian is close to half of that in only 8 games, which is the main reason why so many people think that he will set a new record in this season.

On the other side, we all know how good a player Salah is, and the same is for Son. Gabriel Jesus is also playing great football, and Arsenal is currently holding the first position. There is still a lot of time till the end, and explosive players like Son and Salah can make a difference on the field. Also, a weak start might be an additional motivation for them to improve.

Last Words

It seems that it will be very difficult for any other player to get close to Haaland. However, that will be the case only if he manages to keep the form all the time and avoid injuries.

We have to mention that they will have a lot of games in the CL as well. Besides that, Pep is known for different formations and constant rotations of players. Even though that is not the case by now, he might introduce that at some point. Haaland has a decent substitute on the bench, which is Julian Alvarez, who scored two goals by now.