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What Are the Most Popular Casino Games in Canada

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We all know that the history of gambling goes way back, and it’s hard to say when have people started playing games of chance. In some countries, like in China, evidence of people using dice to gamble were found dating back from ancient times. This shows that everywhere people went, they brought along some of their gambling habits.

That is why games like poker are played everywhere in the world. However, most nations have developed affection towards certain games. If you’re wondering what are the games Canadians enjoy most, continue reading the article to find out.

1. Bingo

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What you can hear about Canadians, is that their number one game of choice when it comes to gambling is Bingo. In former times it was a popular game of chance people played not only to win money but some other things. Bingo had a lot of prizes, which is why it was so popular.

Depending on how many numbers you manage to guess, you can earn multiple rewards. When played with a large group of people, many were made winners. As a type of group entertainment, it is still available for playing. Canada, like many other countries as well, has made this game available everywhere.

So, even if you’re visiting a Walmart for instance, you can grab a ticket, circle a couple of numbers, and jump in the game. It’s also available for playing in casinos. Moreover, as we’ve mentioned that it’s available everywhere, Canadians enjoy playing bingo online. According to onlinecasino.partners majority of the nation finds this as the most convenient way of gambling. 

2. Slots

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Not just in Canada, but all over the world, slots are one of the most popular ways to gamble. Why? Simple, there’s not much of a strategy to it. You just pull the rod, watch it spin, and hope your luck will bring you a fortune. It’s convenient for everyone, regardless of the experience, and there’s no competition like in other games. It’s just you and the machine. In the end, if you lose, there’s no one to blame but the luck factor.

Now, in times of the internet, they’re even more popular, because they’re available in every online casino. What’s even more appealing to people is that you earn a bonus when you register to a gambling platform, enabling you to play for free. This way it doesn’t even feel like gambling when you’re not using your own money. Not to mention the fact that playing slots is available wherever you are when you carry your mobile with you.

3. Baccarat

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Even though playing cards may seem old-fashioned, some card games, especially when there’s gambling involved, will never go out of style. One such game is baccarat. Canadians are generally described as a peaceful, relaxed nation, which is the reason this game suits them.

It’s perfect for a night of relaxation and fun, because there’s not much strategy to it, as well. When you’re alone, playing online will feel just like you’re playing against a real dealer, since there are not many people involved in the game.

Baccarat is an old game, played a lot by French. Canada has a close connection to France, as you already know. In some provinces, French is the official language. It seems only logical that such a game would be popular in Canada.

4. Blackjack

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Yes, Canadians do like blackjack, just as the rest of the world does. The game is almost on every list of popular casino games. If by now you have started thinking Canadians prefer gambling without any strategy, you’re wrong.

Blackjack proves you wrong. This game is all about strategy, and there are quite a few ones that can be used. No wonder some of the celebrities choose it for the list of their favorite (like Ben Affleck).

As most choose to play it online now, given the circumstances, one would think the popularity fell. On contrary, people like the fact they can indulge in a good game whenever they have time. Plus, no matter how impossible it may seem to win, there are tricks and strategies to increase your winning chances online.

5. Craps

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Craps is probably the most fun and exciting game to be played using just two dice. Coincidentally, it is also a term used in the game when a throw is lost. So, for Canadians, not every game has to involve cards and machines. Although it looks a little scary at first glance, the game is very simple.

It’s played with two dice, which the player rolls, each time summing up the result. The dice players roll in a circle clockwise, all players get their chance to roll the dice when it is their turn to roll the dice towards the opposite end of the table. It’s often seen in the movies. Players rolling dice, which have to hit the opposite end of the table which is often surrounded by tons of people excited to see the outcome.

These are the top five casino games Canadians are crazy about

Since Canada is a huge country, divided into provinces, gambling laws differ depending on where you are. The activity was legal everywhere until the seventies when the government gave the green light to each province to choose what kind of rules they will impose on gambling.

Today, it’s a lot easier to gamble, regardless of the rules, giving the fact internet can always find a way to go around local laws. So, online gambling is always an option. Their laws on online gambling are quite favorable for people who like games of chance. It is said that Canada is one of the fastest-growing poker markets in the world.

Gambling from Canada on any other online casino, be it Europe or Asia is also possible. Their laws gave them the liberty to choose any gambling platform they like. It’s the freedom not everyone can say they have but may come with a price for those who do not pay attention to the legality and safety of certain online casinos.