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6 Tips For Choosing The Right Patio Cover – 2024 Guide

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Choosing the right floor for a patio can really be a stressful decision. When it comes to floors for any type of space, you have many options at your disposal. Certainly, the biggest challenge is deciding which choice is the best solution for your patio and exterior in general.

How To Make A Decision?

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When it comes to floors for any type of space, you have many options at your disposal. In addition to the difference in material, color, size, pattern, or texture of patio covers – you should also think about the difference between interior and exterior covers. An important element for arranging a patio – is certainly the choice of the cover that you’ll put on this surface. The most important difference is in the properties that patio floors should have. Here is how to choose the right patio cover.

Keep In Mind Atmospheric Factors

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Certainly, the biggest challenge is to decide which choice is the best solution for your patio and exterior in general. You should keep in mind that the floors laid outside are exposed to external, primarily atmospheric factors. That’s why you have to be especially careful when choosing a patio cover. Decking floors are today a particularly popular and appreciative option for exterior floors – and in addition to exotic wood, there are also WPC floors (composite wood-plastic cover). A real patio floor should be waterproof, durable – and easy to clean and maintain. Patio floors should be durable enough to easily stand the weather conditions such as rain, snow, or UV rays. That’s why we are drawing your attention to 6 patio covers to choose from.

Choosing The Right Patio Cover

There is a suitable cover for every taste – be it wood, stone, or even WPC floors.

Depending on the requirements of your patio or its purpose – different covers have certain advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered when choosing a patio cover.

1. Wooden Patio

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Wooden patios are among the most popular materials for patios. This classic covering material offers you a warm atmosphere. It is pleasant to the touch and completely natural.

According to https://rowlettdecks.com/, it is also available in many varieties.

You can find almost anything – from rustic deck options to bamboo floors, etc. In addition to being beautiful, the wooden patio also has several practical advantages. Because wood has low thermal conductivity – this material doesn’t heat up so much as other materials.

Also, the wooden patio dries quite quickly – which is very practical, especially during the autumn and winter months. This environmentally friendly material can be placed as a floor covering at lawn level – and can also be used on slightly elevated patios.

2. WPC Decking

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Speaking about WPC decking, it is important to say that it is a more uniform, elegant – and more formal option. Although people think that this floor doesn’t require much maintenance – the truth is different. WPC decking, just like wooden – is exposed to atmospheric influences, rain, heat, UV rays. Unlike wood, this floor, under the influence of UV rays, begins to fade – and after a certain period loses its original color. So if you don’t feel like you’re wasting money – if you opt for WPC decking, choose one with a UV protection certificate.

On the other hand, this floor also has plastic components on which dust and other impurities collect – which settle after a certain time and it is necessary to clean them mechanically well. So there is a lot of work here too. Despite all the above, decking is still a very attractive and durable material – and as such very desirable in all options when you want to please yourself. After all, patios have such a function.

3. Stone Patios

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Currently, the most popular patios are those made of stone, especially those made of natural stone. This patio covering material stands out for its diversity. Namely, the stones are available in different colors, structures, and shapes. With natural stone, no stone is the same – which achieves an exciting and unique look. In addition to the variety of colors and structures – stone patios have some other advantages. Due to the obvious properties of the material, stone patios are usually very resistant, durable – and remain almost identical even after several years of use. If it is a smooth stone, the terrace is very easy to clean and does not require much care.

4. Terrazzo

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Although it was very present in the decoration of corridors, halls, staircases, and terraces in buildings during the 1980s  – terrazzo is returning to fashion. In addition to its excellent characteristics of durability and easy maintenance, this modern terrazzo has paid great attention to design – and attractive glossy appearance. A little glamor would not hurt for a good start to the day.

5. Ceramic Tiles

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An expected option, you would say. We have to admit – the statement is justified. Tiles are interesting in many ways as floor elements for patios. Namely, they are resistant to external influences such as wind, rain, sun, frost, etc. They are easy to maintain, and if we add their design – it is clear that they are very popular.

Especially interesting are the new models of tiles that look like natural materials – such as stone, wood, or brick. They represent these materials so faithfully – that you would never guess that those were the tiles. On the other hand, newer tiles can be of a larger format – so as such they are very suitable for covering large surfaces.

6. Artificial Grass

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Although it is mainly used for sports fields and yards – artificial grass can also be a solution for a patio cover. The main advantage of this covering is certainly its simulation of the natural environment. Also, this is a very thankful coating that doesn’t require mowing, and apart from water in the summer – there is no major maintenance.

Although it is a quick and practical solution – its setting is very important. It is placed on soil-superficies with a surface layer of gravel. However, it can also be placed on a hard, concrete surface – which is the case with a patio. In both cases, you must drain the atmospheric water. Only with the correct and professional installation and fitting – this floor covering will give its maximum. Otherwise, it will look like a bad copy of natural grass, which is not anyone’s goal.


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For each cover to give a maximum – it is necessary to install it with quality. Therefore, at the start, count the time and resources for professional installation. Appropriate waterproofing, leveling the floor, adequate installation, decking, etc. – are serious and responsible jobs that professionals should do.