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8 Diaper Changing Mistake All First-time Parents Make

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If you are a new parent, there are chances that you spend a significant part of the day changing your baby’s diapers. But are you doing it correctly? This article will highlight some of the common diaper changing mistakes that all first-time parents make. Diaper changing is an art, and not everybody can master it.

Even if you think you are a pro at it and change your baby’s nappies several times a day, you might be making a few mistakes unknowingly. Almost every new parent makes these mistakes, and it’s fine because we all learn on the go. However, it is important to fix these mistakes early because improper diapering can result in great pain in your baby’s body and make them cranky throughout the day.

Read more about how you can keep your baby healthy with diapers of amazing quality. Despite what most people believe, making mistakes while changing nappies is not a sign of poor parenting. It is generally caused due to a lack of practice and proper information. That is why many new parents find themselves struggling hard to change their baby’s nappies correctly. Below mentioned are a few common mistakes that every new parent makes.

1. Leaving Your Baby On The Changing Table

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Make sure you have everything ready before you put your baby on the nappy changing table. You will need a clean diaper, a few wet wipes, baby creams or powders, etc. If you do not have these things ready, you will have to run again and again to fetch them, and that would mean leaving your baby alone on the changing stall.

With dirty nappies on, babies are generally very cranky, and thus they tend to keep wiggling on the table. This can lead to some accidents, and thus you should not leave your baby unattended.

2. Not Adjusting The Diaper Properly

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Generally, the diaper should be fastened properly to the body of the baby. However, you need to be careful and ensure that the diaper does not restrict the blood circulation in the child’s body. If you notice that the diaper is tied too tightly, try to loosen it up a bit.

On the other hand, it is important not to tie the diaper too loosely. If not adjusted properly, the diaper might fall as your baby moves. Thus, it will fail to serve the purpose it is being used for. To avoid these problems, make sure to fasten the nappy properly.

3. Not Cleaning The Child Properly

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The combination of germs and moisture can lead to numerous infections and the formation of rashes. Thus, it is important to clean the child’s private parts properly. Also, ensure that you are doing it correctly, that is, from front to back.

4. Not Changing After Regular Intervals

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It is quite important to change the nappy as soon as it gets soiled. Nowadays, most diapers come with a moisture lock technology and thus absorb urine to a great extent. However, fecal matter is quite harmful, and if the soiled diaper is not changed, the baby can develop painful rashes, and in some cases, it might also lead to diseases.

Also, you must ensure that your baby does not stay without a nappy for a prolonged period. The child may feel cold, and also you would not want the baby to urinate on any of your important documents.

5. Applying Too Much Cream

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Baby cream helps to protect the delicate skin of babies. However, make sure not to use them in excessive amounts. Doing so might irritate your baby’s skin and lead to rashes and bumps. Moreover, it will create a feeling of humidity that will make the child feel uncomfortable.

6. Buying Too Many New-Born’s Diapers

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Parents often make the mistake of buying too many newborn babies’ diapers. However, the child grows out of them way too soon, and all these diapers go in vain. Just make sure to buy enough for a month or two.

As a new parent, you should not get carried away. You will be using newborn diapers only for a short period, and then you will need diapers of a bigger size. Newborns grow rapidly, so we recommend buying diapers as you need. However, it would help if you always had a reserve of diapers that would last for at least a week.

7. Not Changing The Clothes When You Change The Diapers:

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You should change the clothes of your baby when you change their diaper. It’s not an option, rather a necessity. Even with the diapers on, the clothes can get spoiled easily. Hence, it would help if you always had new clothes handy when you are changing the diaper.

8. Not Having A Fixed Place To Change Diapers:

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One of the most common mistakes that new parents make is not having a fixed place to change their babies’ diapers. They often tend to do it on the bed or just wherever the baby is since they think the sooner they change the diaper, the better it is for the baby. However, this should be the case.

By having a designated place, you stay assured of the hygiene of that place. Babies can catch infection very easily during a diaper change, hence, have a designated hygienic place to change their diaper.


The diaper area is quite sensitive, and it stays in contact with moisture almost throughout the day. Thus, there is a high risk of rash formation in that area. There has been an ongoing debate on which one is better: the disposable nappies or the reusable ones. At the end of the day, it is your personal choice, and no matter which diaper you go forward with, it is important to be very careful while changing diapers.

Unless you are aware of your mistakes, your babies could be in for great discomfort and pain. We hope that the points as mentioned above will help you recognize your mistake so that you can rectify it immediately and save your baby from unwanted pain.