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Earn BTC, ETH, DOGE While Playing an Online Game

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If you thought that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are only available to miners and high-end investors, then you still don’t have a clue about the way they function. Ever since the first cryptocurrency has made its entrance into the world of finance, it has experienced ups and downs. A journey that started over 10 years ago, was and still is a rocky journey, with a high amount of probability, volatility and expectations. Mixed altogether, these elements make this market one of the hottest, yet one of the riskiest markets ever existed.

In the year 2024, cryptocurrencies are no longer a separate financial product, nor the crypto market is a taboo, left out from the rest of the economy. Bitcoin has become a part of our lives and it’s been integrated into every cell of society – from the retail industry to the catering industry, along with the car and financial industry or even entertainment – it is everywhere! Paying with Bitcoin in a restaurant may seem like a weird thing to do, but this option is available, and it’s been used a lot. The biggest global platforms such as PayPal support Bitcoin and encourage consumers to join the community and enjoy all the benefits that crypto brought about.

Why are cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream

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Bitcoin value hit the highest point in 2024, reaching $50,000, while crypto platforms such as Ethereum had grown over 500%. Investors are amazed by the Bitcoin progress and are expecting to double or even triple the number in the next ten years. On the other hand, they are more and more interested in exploring other possibilities, in the same area, since they are becoming more aware of the importance of diversifying their investment portfolios. But why do all of them choose crypto?

Decentralized currencies have shown to be a perfect way to avoid institutional control. Organizations, institutions and governments have no influence when it comes to cryptocurrencies. These assets are being stored in digital wallets and are formed into blockchains, unlike the traditional money that sits in bank accounts all over the world. While the bank account is connected to your personal information, when it comes to Bitcoin, all you need is – the key. As a relatively new phenomenon for hackers and other criminals, it seems like cryptocurrencies are more secure and safe than traditional bank accounts that can easily become a target for criminal activity, due to their vulnerabilities.

How to get them?

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For quite some time, we had thought that Bitcoin can only be earned through mining or investing money. While mining is itself a process that requires no money, it does require enormous amounts of investment in equipment, graphic cards and other computer components, as well as having the biggest and the most powerful sources of electricity, to drive the system. Not every person is capable of doing all that. On the other hand, crypto exchanges and trading are pretty simple – you deposit as much money as you want, and then purchase coins, or sell the coins or tokens you already have, to buy other ones, depending on the prices. Both of these operations require knowledge and money. But what if you don’t have the needed resources to indulge in crypto investments this way? How to earn free Bitcoin? There are several alternatives you can try.

Earn Bitcoin playing games – sounds too good to be true?

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There are more than a few ways to earn Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any other coins, by doing a series of repeated actions such as solving captchas, clicking certain buttons, visiting specific pages or viewing their advertisements. But if you’re not a fan of spending that much time doing boring things, then there’s another option for you – Bitcoin games. How do they work? These games are designed to prepare you for real-life investing, while allowing you to get free bitcoins if you win a certain number of games.

These games are often called btc mining games, because they allow their players to do crypto mining inside the game, on your phone, tablet or laptop. The games available oftentimes look like Candy Crush, having somewhat similar rules or graphics. There is also a lot of role-playing. You can be a farmer, travel to other planets, have a spaceship or be a trader or investor – all inside the app of the game, or the website in which the game is being played. A crypto mining game such as Rollercoin is a great bitcoin mining simulator, which can help you learn the basics of investing in cryptocurrencies, allow you to have fun and enjoy the experience, and more importantly, earn tokens for free.

Ethereum and Dogecoin

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Ethereum is a platform that uses a decentralized currency called Ether. It is also decentralized software and it is based on blockchain. But that’s not all. During the last year, people started to recognize the potential this platform has, discovering the countless options for investing, but also several other options no one hoped for – building and publishing applications, and acting as a programming language. This turned out to be the perfect solution for many developers in the world, since Ethereum was no longer a crypto investment, but more of an endless pool of opportunities for the tech-savvy, creative and innovative people, who don’t want to depend on the institutions and their control. This platform can be used to secure or codify almost anything, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more people want to earn Ethers or try the platform themselves.

Luckily, there are games for both Ethers and Dogecoin, and they are somewhat similar to the Bitcoin mining game. After Elon Musk paid attention to Dogecoin and mentioned it on Twitter, this cryptocurrency has reached its unprecedented price point, growing almost 500% in value and becoming one of the hottest cryptocurrencies on the market. Just like Bitcoin, this digital currency was also a product of two people, visionaries, who didn’t expect the product to become that popular after the first release. Still, it hasn’t become so popular until January this year, and is certainly far away from Bitcoin value. However, it’s the next big thing, according to financial experts and digital currency lovers. Have you tried earning them for free?