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Egypt – An Extraordinary Country

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When it comes to beaches, mountains, forests, and big cities, no one can hold their own against Europe. There is no denying that we live on a truly beautiful continent, rich in nature and history while witnessing the zenith of innovative technology and development.

When it comes to natural wonders, however, one country stands out particularly quickly and that is Egypt. With its endlessly wide desert landscapes, the Nile, an important green lung of the earth, historical pyramids and temples, and the Red Sea, this country has a lot to offer that you can’t look for in Europe.

Egypt can be reached by plane in just over four hours from Germany. And yet you feel transported into another world as soon as you get off the plane. This short distance is one of the reasons why this piece of earth is so fascinating for us and why it has become one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans. Today we would like to lay down which are the most beautiful places in Egypt and how you can combine them on a trip through the country!

The lively capital of Cairo

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A visit to the culture-rich country is certainly not complete without a visit to the capital, Cairo. Here you get to know the friendly locals, traditions and the entire culture from a completely different perspective. If you want to immerse yourself there, you should go to the big Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar, which is located in picturesque alleys in the middle of the old town of Cairo. There is a hectic hustle and bustle here, which can, however, fascinate you. Not just tourists, locals do business here too and you have the perfect opportunity to interact with them.

Another highlight of the capital is the Egyptian Museum. This was only opened a few years ago and is considered the largest archaeological museum in the world. Much of Egypt’s history is presented here in a modern and interactive way. So the visit is not only worthwhile for history lovers!

Incidentally, it is not a long distance from Cairo to Giza, where the famous Great Pyramid and Sphinx are located, which by the way are among the seven wonders of the world. You can easily organize a day trip here from Cairo. Whether you want to drive yourself, take a taxi or even go on a desert safari to the pyramids by jeep or camel, everything is possible and easy to organize.

Experience the best of Egypt on a Nile cruise

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In addition to Cairo and Giza, Egypt has many other dreamlike and almost surreal places to offer. To the north is the fabled port city of Alexandria, while to the southeast of Cairo, the Red Sea coastal cities of Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh offer a unique setting for unparalleled diving and water sports activities. A little further south are the historic cities of Aswan and Luxor, home to world-famous temples and tombs of ancient pharaohs.

So there is a lot to discover in Egypt and a really simple way to manage to do it all in one holiday: Nile cruises. Considered one of the two longest rivers in the world, the Nile meanders perfectly past all of Egypt’s major cities and towns. A Nile cruise, therefore, allows you to enjoy relaxation and entertainment on a ship, observe the diverse nature and wildlife in the water and on the banks, and stop in major cities for sightseeing and delving deeper into the land and culture.

While the Nile does not pass by the coastal cities of Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh, you can plan and customize your Nile cruise. There are numerous offers that include both a boat trip and a transfer to one of the beach towns. This way you could experience the culture, history and also relaxation at the beach in just one holiday. The starting point and destination of the cruise is also very variable. While many cruise ships depart from Cairo or Luxor, there are also a large number of companies offering voyages from Aswan or elsewhere.

A holiday according to your wishes

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Hardly anyone is aware of how flexible cruises can actually be. At least that’s the case on a Nile cruise, as there really are a lot of ships plying the endless stretch of water, giving you plenty of choices. This means, for example, that you have different options when it comes to the type of ship.

Whilst there are many large and luxurious cruise ships out there, you can also cruise on smaller models and enjoy a little more privacy or even choose a local Dahabeya sailing ship that is sure to lead to a special experience!

Due to the many types of ships and offers, there is of course something for every budget. It is common for ships to stop at places like Cairo, Luxor and Aswan for at least a day trip, and possibly overnight. Of course, an extra charge must be expected if the trip is to be customized. But just take a good look around, because maybe there is already the perfect combination trip for you!