Home Reviews Epson 5030UB vs Sony VPL-HW40ES – 2024 Comparison

Epson 5030UB vs Sony VPL-HW40ES – 2024 Comparison

Epson 5030UB vs Sony VPL-HW40ES

We received an email from a guy asking, “Now that the price of both the Epson 5030UB and Sony VPL-HW40ES has dropped, could you review the pro’s and con’s of each model to help me decide which is the best buy?”

We love receiving questions, not only does it give us something specific to write about but also teaches us a lot about what people care about. We would like to share our email response to this guy’s question on Epson 5030UB vs Sony VPL-HW40ES. Tell us what you think of our assessment in the comments below! Did we get it right?!?

What should we first compare

This probably isn’t the most important aspect for everyone but it could be to some and that’s a price comparison. So let’s get this out of the way:

Epson 5030UB
Prices do change as a product ages. When writing this to compare these two models, the prices were within $100 of each other. However, for whatever reason we have seen both models randomly discounted only then to return back to the regular price. We can not predict what the prices will be after writing this nor can we tell you when either model is being discounted. If price is an important factor in your decision it would then be worth checking out the current price of both models: See at Amazon, 5030UB and VPL-HW40ES.

Rating based on 3D and gaming capabilities

Epson 5030UB review
Epson 5030UB

Both of these 1080p models provide excellent image quality. Chances are the vast majority of people will be amazed by the picture produced by either model.

These models are very similar in most regards. But what about 3D and gaming capabilities?

If the level of 3D capability is at the top of your decision making list. The overall opinion is the Epson 5030UB has a slight edge in this area. Also, two sets of Rechargeable RF 3D glasses are included with the purchase. If you were to purchase these glasses separately they cost around $100 per pair.

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The Sony VPL-HW40ES does not come with 3D glasses.

Sony VPLHW40ES review

On the other hand, if gaming is important to you. With a lower input lag of 26.5 ms the Sony VPL-HW40ES is the better choice if gaming is one of your top priorities.

Both projectors are capable of 3D and gaming. We are only pointing out which model holds the advantage in performance in these two specific functions.

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Which is the better projector

Which do we think is the best overall buy when comparing the Epson 5030UB vs Sony VPL-HW40ES?

If buying the best 3D projector is your main objective then we would say the Epson model is probably the best fit for you. But overall we believe the Sony model is the best overall choice.

We think this because we believe, it has better overall color accuracy, better image quality and the fan is super quiet. The Epson 5030UB isn’t far behind but we believe the Sony model is slightly superior, especially if one of your main uses will be gaming.