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6 Reasons Why eSport Gamers are Good at Online Gambling – 2024 Review

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We often hear that gamblers are gamblers and gamers are gamers, but what we also see and hear is that these two are practically the same, they are used as a synonym. The two somehow go together, although with a big difference – one is skill-based and other a pure luck-based experience.

During this tough period of Covid-19 lockdown, we saw a huge spike in gamers and eSports names dipping their feet in online gambling. At first, we wondered why this is the case, but as we dipped in the gaming community a little bit deeper, we saw that a lot of gaming stuff revolves around gambling, sort of.

Why sort of? Well, you have to have some gaming skills to achieve certain things, as well as progress to the same. As per the Mega Modz experts, the most efficient way to better gaming results fast is to build a day-to-day schedule. As you progress, you advance your skills further. Back to the e-sports and gambling relationship. For some time now, you could see elements of online gambling in games, particularly those online-based. In some games, you get to spin the wheel to receive a special prize. Invest money in certain chests to unlock skins, weapons, potions or whatever.

These maybe are small examples but are very important, because those who used or still use online gambling can recognize pretty much the same elements of the pure luck game in some or most eSports titles.

We believe that it is a normal thing since both are here for a long time and both are expanding hugely. It was just a matter of time that they came together and interconnect. One thing is out of our comprehension and it is a question – How are eSport gamers just that good in online gambling. Well here are the reasons:

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Knowledge goes a long way.

The better the gaming knowledge the easier for them to understand the ropes of online gambling. Imagine a seasoned eSports gamer in a new online casino game and someone that just today decided to try online gambling of any sort, without prior experience. The more the edge for gamers if it is about a person who hasn’t gambled before, and decide to check if he/she has the luck needed to win anything.

Already tried some gambling aspects.

Most eSport titles if not nearly all have some sort of gambling elements incorporated in their gameplay. Most MMOs today have these elements. Especially free ones. Invest money in-game, buy in-game currency and pay for skins, crates, chests, weapons, potions, and God knows what else. The gambling side here is that sometimes you don’t know what is inside crates and chests until you open them (a pure luck element). Thanks to all of that it is clear why the gamers have an edge right in the start.

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Playing for fun.

This is key in online gambling. eSport gamers usually play because of passion, love, fun and this is surely what makes them successful, but it is also a thing that makes them as successful in gambling. When you gamble for the sole purpose of winning money for rent, bills, food, you are usually not going to win. You play because you need to earn money fast and easy, not to have fun and kill a couple of hours. Gamers are kind of people that combined business and pleasure and are making money hand over fist. Why not try gambling just for kicks and showcase it to your fans, while making cash, and if it turns profitable enough, as it does for most eSport gamers, just continue having fun and more cash.

Ease of access.

Online gambling owners are lately definitely targeting gamers and just because of that they are trying to make the transition from gaming to gambling easier. Because of that fact, gamers have a lot of casino-based games adapted to their likeness. From themes, sounds to payouts and types of paying to play. Since online games skins are a currency of its own for gamers, some online gambling sites even accept skins for you to buy your way in and start gambling.

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When taking this into account don’t think just about physical reflexes but you should take psychic reflexes as well. That maybe sounds strange but the best gamers play by muscle memory, and when combined with the physical speed of the hands and eyes than you have a recipe for an eSports champion. Although the fact that online casino games are pure luck instead of skill, some games do require fast hand reflexes as well as eye-tracking. This just supports the previous 4th point I wrote about. Nothing wrong here it is just business, and it shouldn’t be frowned upon at all.


eSport gamers are true competitors and for some tournament prize money is just a side thing. It gets them from one tournament to other, gets the necessary hardware, but the actual prize for most gamers is knowing you have beaten the other guy/team. Some casino and gambling sites also offer games that give you the ability to rub the other guy’s nose in the fact that he came second, and yes there is cash to sweeten the entire thing even more.

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Even I tried some of both worlds but decided to stuck with gaming. After all, my luck runs a little low, but what about you?! Why not try and see what your Lady Luck has in store – play here and see for yourself.

I believe that anyone at one point in life tried one of these and probably stuck with one. When you sum all up in the future there will be even a thinner line between these two. Gamers and gamblers will be closely tied together and be interlaced more and more. It is common sense and good business practice, so why not!? Two best and fastest-growing franchises that offer the best of both worlds – fun and money.

If you are skilled or lucky, or better both than you are on a fast track to being a very wealthy person, just bear in mind two things – balance and restraint are key. A balance between everything written above is something that should be mastered sooner than later, while restraint should be exercised when transitioning to online gambling. Small steps and play for fun not for big cash instantly.