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5 Most Expensive Star Wars Toys and Collectibles in the World

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Toy gathering is probably the most relaxing and entertaining form of hobby. You may think of people who buy toys after a certain age as insane. But toy collectors are the coolest and laid back people concerned only about their collection. Nothing in the world can trigger their inner peace because the world does not provide it to them but their action toys.

If you belong to Gen-Z or Millennials, you probably won’t know anything about Star Wars, but it was a big hit during its time. Just like the people today are crazy about Batman and Spiderman, people during the older times used to drool over Star Wars. Although they rarely had the scope of purchasing their toys back then, due to high prices and limited availability, it is possible to do so today.

Here we will introduce you to some of the most priceless Star Wars toys to have ever been produced. It is possible you heard about them, but it will surely surprise you to know their price! So, let’s go!

1. Darth Vader – $64,000+

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The initial models of Darth Vader featured the double telescoping lightsaber, just like the other models back then. But, the sad thing is none of them were able to hit the market like Luke Skywalker. Since only the action figure of Luke Skywalker was able to make it to the market, the other ones gave rise to tittle-tattle among the fans.

A little alteration was presented in the toy of Darth Vader before the production of single-carded ones ramped up. It contributed to increasing the worth of this action figure beyond anyone’s imagination. If you own a carded adaptation of the double telescoping Darth Vader, you will be glad to learn that it may fetch you more than $64,000 bucks!

2. Rocket Boba Fett – $150,000

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This toy is undoubtedly the most pricey and rare Star Wars action figure of all time. The history of its production goes back to when it was first created. Back then, Kenner wanted to include Boba Fett in his compilation of Star Wars action figures with a rocket-firing backpack to send to the kids.

But due to an unfortunate accident with another toy production firm, everyone abandoned the idea. They went on to produce a toy of Boba Fett, but without any rocket-firing backpack.

However, it is still believed that there exist around two dozen or so prototypes of the character in several phases of manufacture. While some are half-painted, others are wrapped in blue plastic. No one knows how many of these action figures have passed the manufacturing step. But, indeed, they are very less in number, making them the most pricey Star Wars playthings of all time.

3. Obi Wan Kenobi – $76,000+

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This action figure is another double telescoping variant of the Star Wars character that values at more than $76,000 on the market. Having your hands on this toy is so rare that it is still a dream of many worldwide toy enthusiasts. It is so because it is not only expensive, but its production is also very scarce.

Sometimes, it is tough for Star Wars fandom to determine which one is rarer – Darth Vader or Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. But in a 2018 auction, this toy fetched more than $76,000 bucks! So if you decide to buy one to finish your toy collection, ensure to get your hands on the double telescoping authentic version. Otherwise, you would only waste your money!

4. Vinyl Cape Jawa – $28,000+

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This piece is among the few ones that hold the status of a mythical character among professional action figure collectors. Although there exist several more expensive characters than this one, it still stands out in the eyes of toy enthusiasts who still have the dream of having their hands on this little guy.

It will surprise you to learn that it was dropped in the market back in 1978 when the craze for Star Wars was on the rise. Like the rest of the toys, it too came with a vinyl plastic cape which made the item appear cheaper than its value. So, the creators decided to swap its old vinyl cape with a clothing one. It helped boost the worth of this toy because back then, no one knew about the existence of the vinyl version.

5. Vlix Oncard – $45,000+

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Since Vlix Oncard, an Annoo-dat Blue humanoid alien appeared in four episodes of Star Wars: Droid as the head of security, no toy enthusiast knew much about it. They only learned about its existence when they decided to complete their collection of Star Wars figures after growing up.

Another reason no one knew much about this toy and its availability is that it was not for sale outside of Brazil. They also wiped its production as a toy because it was a part of the second wave of characters dedicated to another animated show, Droids. But the creators decided to cancel it even before it made any appearance.

But, Brazilian trader Glassite decided to produce its toy, and today, it is among the scarcest and most sought-after toys in the history of Star Wars. If you wish to purchase the finesStar Wars toys in Australia, you may visit https://www.aussiesyficollectables.com.au/.

Parting Words

In this article, we have listed the rarest Star Wars action toys to have ever been produced. While you must find a few of them in the market, the rest of them are available and are not for the general public, a truth very tough to accept for Star Wars fandom.

Since the Star Wars movies hold a sentimental value among the elderly and today’s generation, it will come as no surprise that even their toys are so dear to them. The obsession among people with this series is even more real than with Marvel. We hope now you understand why the action figures of this movie series are among the most expensive ones in the market.