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Top 10 Free MP3 Download Sites – 2024 Guide

Free MP3 Download Sites

Free MP3 Download Sites: Everyone listens to music for relaxing, entertainment, energizing, and keeping the mind in a good mood. Today music is all around, whether if you are in kitchen, living room, gym, school, even if you are walking on road you might have put the headphone on your ear and will be listening to your favourite songs. Today I am going to bring free MP3 download sites to your attention where you can download your favourite music for free.

Here is the list of Top 10 Free MP3 Download Sites.

1. Mp3skull

Source: theguardian.com

Mp3skull is Free MP3 Download Site. if you visit its website one thing you will see is simplicity. On the website, the home page will show you the most downloaded songs with its size and duration. It also provides your search facility. In search, you just have to enter your admired songs or artist name. Website will bring the result in seconds. It lets you download all of its song free, out of cost. If you are confused about what do download, don’t worry. On the right side of the website, all recent and trending songs are listed. Listen and download your desired songs for free with mp3skill. this site promises to make an easy way to listen and download music. So don’t what are waiting to start listening to your favourite music now.

2. Mp3Clan

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If you are in search of Free MP3 Download Sites, don’t forget to check out mp3clan. It is really amazing and cool website to download music. The website is colourful, showing the categories of music like classical, country, dance, hip-hop, jazz and many more. It also shows live searches from which you will realize the trending songs. Like mp3skull it also shows to 20 songs and top 20 albums. It is a user-friendly website. Let you download your favourite music in seconds. Unlike a website which directs you to ads, mp3clan take you to download link where you can download your file easily. This website covers a large range of music; it has more music than you need. The search engine is pretty fast and results in relevant. The website also lets you create your favourite albums. And download at any time for free.

3. Mp3viper

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Mp3viper is one of the best sites in the list of Free MP3 Download Sites. it is my favourite music website. You can also download it apps from Google play store and download MP3 music direct your mobile. It is up-to-date and you will find all the recent songs. Unlike a website which takes you to other pages for download. Mp3viper let you download directly by just clicking of the download icon. The looks of this website are amazing, showing the cover pictures with all albums and songs. The best thing about this website is, let you download your loved music free. Keep you updated by notifying on mobile about the new songs, the search engine is very strong, search results show a list of hits that it chooses not reflecting the search you entered in at all. I promise you, it will not let you down, if like this website and want to download free music. Visit it now.

4. MP3.com

Source: mp3.com

It is another site where you can download free MP3 music and plus videos. It also gives you an opportunity to an artist & uploads your music and reaches millions of fans. Keep its users up to date and provides music news, where you will get to know what is happening in the music world. This website provides all information on artists and albums. You can sign up as an artist and promote your own music, build a fan following and much more.

5. Emp3world

Source: technobezz.com

Emp3world is one of the awesome website to download MP3 songs. The home page of this website lists top downloads, Last added songs, and trending songs, all songs can be downloaded as MP3, if you are tired of the website which does not let you download songs, emp3world isn’t like that. Provides you full control on all songs, whether you want just list or want to download. All the options are available for download, along with file size and durations. In cause, if any link is broken just put up a report about the broken link, which will be restored back in just a movement. In the list of free MP3 download sites, Epm3world should be on number three.

6. SongsLover.com

Source: youtube.com

When for the first time I visited this website, I just said Wow!….the looks of the website is great and amazing. The best thing about songs lovers is no songs are hidden from you, it is so well managed, the search engine provides you alphabets option. You can download you’ve listed songs, artists, and albums easily, all the links are updated and working, don’t want too much for your favourite songs to download. Like a video of particular songs, song lovers also lets you download the official video of any songs for free. If you are in the search of Free MP3 Download Sites, I recommend you to visit this site. Enjoy!

7. soundowl.com

Source: soundowl.com

Free MP3 Download Sites also includes soundowl. This is very simple websites, it has listed the top downloaded and liked songs, you can download it easily by just click on the songs, you can also play the songs before the download to check out the taste of it.


Source: alternativeto.net

With mp3base you can download music online free without registration. With registering free account this website lets you create playlists of most liked songs. It is a really entertaining website, you can search for any artist and songs, mp3base bring you everything you need. Top songs, top albums list are the home page. You will also find a top artist who is raked by the users’ vote.

9. Beemp3.com

Source: youtube.com

This website used to be very popular free MP3 download sites. Nowadays the link is not working; it is just mentioned so that when it is back, you don’t miss this amazing website.

10. Epitonic.com

Source: kickstarter.com

In the list of free MP3 Download Sites, Epitonic is on last. This website also publishes news about songs and artist. Here you will get to know about the upcoming albums and songs first than any other website. Besides this, you can download your favourite music or listen to them on-line.



When it comes to free MP3 downloads, LAST FM can’t be ignored. It is a wonderful site to download free MP3 to your phone or pc. It is full of genres that you ‘ll see in the lift side column. You just have to click on the blue button (free download) to get your most liked songs.


Amazon knows to everyone one. Here you ‘ll find tons of music. Unfortunately, you would not be able to download the latest hit for free but the best thing about this website is (free music library) it is quite huge and let you choose a variety of bands and genres. When you play the song there appears a yellow free button. Click on it to download it for free. You must log in before downloading any song.