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From Video Game to Slot Game – Lara Croft & Street Fighter 2

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If you are a child of the 1980s or early 1990s you’re probably familiar with Lara Croft’s first adventures, or the fighting games of the Street Fighter series. These video game franchises were so popular worldwide that many follow-ups were released over the years and millions of copies of the games were sold.

Their popularity didn’t go unnoticed by the online gambling industry, as game developers are always on the lookout for new game themes that players might enjoy. Video games, as well as TV shows, board games and movies have always been interesting to development studios, as the name is recognisable and carries a certain brand value.

Players enjoy these interesting combinations of a known theme with the thrill of an online slot where they can win money. While some of these slots just feature symbols of the movie or TV show and have no specific special features, other games are more elaborate in their development and offer engaging bonus rounds or innovative game-play.

Some of the more interesting branded online slots are the Tomb Raider games and the Street Fighter 2 slot for which you can find a detailed review at CasinoDaemon.com.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

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Players young and old continue to enjoy new adventures featuring their hero Lara Croft in a franchise that includes video games and movies. She made her first appearance in the video game Tomb Raider that was developed by Square Enix and released in 1996. The game was an instant success, which led to the development of a sequel in 1998. Since then, the video game franchise has spawned almost 20 games, which tell Lara’s adventures and combine it with engaging and entertaining game-play.

The first movie was released in 2001, starring Angelina Jolie as the fearless archaeologist. Although the movie received more negative than positive reviews, viewers seemed to like it, making it a box-office success. It was followed by a sequel in 2003. In 2018, the movie franchise was rebooted, and featured Alicia Vikander as the main lead. Again, the fans weren’t disappointed by an action-packed and gripping story, which is due to be continued with another sequel some time in the next couple years.

The first online slot featuring Lara Croft was released in 2004 by gaming giant Microgaming. The real-money slot game was a great success, and it was followed by a sequel in 2008 – Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword.

The latest Tomb Raider slot is Lara Croft Temples and Tombs, which was released in 2019. Players can join Lara in her quest to find treasure in the temple.

The 5-reel, 243 payline slot is equipped with Rolling Reels™ that allow for multiple winning combinations through avalanches, and players can also win the Grand, Major or Mini jackpot.

Lara is featured prominently on the game’s symbol, wearing her iconic tank top, shorts and boots. But you don’t want to mess with her – she’s fierce and ready for action.

Street Fighter II – The World Warrior

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The success story of Street Fighter started in 1987, when the game was released as an arcade game in Japan and became an instant success. A few years later, in 1991, the sequel Street Fighter II – The World Warrior was released, and it became an even bigger success in Arcades, especially in the US.

The video game was released for the Super Nintendo (SNES) in 1992 and a whooping 6.3 million cartridges were sold worldwide, making it one of the top-grossing video games of all times.

Since then, Capcom and Bandai Namco have released several games for the series, which is still among the favourites today. The fighting game allows two players to pick their favourite character and fight against each other. Over the years, more characters were added and fighting options and stories refined.

In early 2024, it was announced that NetEnt entered into an agreement with Capcom to release an online slot for Street Fighter II The World Warrior. The slot was highly anticipated, and when it was released in May, NetEnt didn’t disappoint.

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The iconic style of the blocky 16-bit graphics, the sounds, and jerky movements of the original game were perfectly captured in the slot, making it a fantastic adaptation of the original Street Fighter II The world Warrior video game.

You can select your favourite character from 8 available, who in the slot also determines the volatility of the game. The highest risk comes with Ken, followed by Blanka and Chun Li. A medium volatility comes with Zangief and Guile while Ryu, E. Honda and Dhalsim have a lower risk.

Being able to choose the volatility is especially interesting for players who like to be more in control of how risky a game is. Once you’ve chosen your fighter, the opponent is chosen by random.

But it’s not just the risk of the slot that is determined by the character, they also come with their own special move, which can trigger during the game rounds once the meter is filled, and place wild symbols in special patterns on the screen.

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The game itself is a fight where the symbol combinations of the spin determine who looses HP. The fight is over when one of the characters has no more HP left, which will start a bonus feature of either free spins or a bonus game.

If you lose the fight the bonus game will start, and you get to take out your rage at an innocent car. Once started you can move your character and destroy the car by pressing buttons to kick or punch, and coins will be released as you destroy the vehicle. This is probably the only time destroying a car yields money, and not just costs money.

The Street Fighter slot was a complete success and NetEnt has proven once again that they are able to come up with an innovative design and new features that keep players at the edge of their seat.