Leaked 2016 Moto X Chassis Suggests Heatpipe Cooling Will Be Used

As some of our readers should be aware of, last week, a hands-on image of an alleged next-gen Moto X prototype leaked on the web, showcasing part of its exterior design.

Today we make a U-turn to the same topic thanks to a new leaked image, which seems to speak a bit more about the smartphone’s internal characteristics rather than its looks. This appears to be the same prototype like the one we saw last week, but this time around the focus is on the chassis itself and what should be underneath the metallic back panel.

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Leaked Next-Gen Moto X Chassis Reveals Heat Pipe

Although we cannot be entirely sure that the image above showcases the same prototype/model seen last week, the biggest clue linking the two handsets together is the rear-facing speaker grille, which appears identical on both.

Otherwise, the new leaked image gives us a clearer picture on the internal chassis, which accommodates a heat pipe.

Obviously, this brings us to another rumor regarding the 2016 Moto X, which hints that the terminal will be powered by the Snapdragon 820 SoC. By the looks of it, Samsung might not be the only OEM out there exploring heat pipe designs for its next flagship phone – the Galaxy S7 – but up until now we assumed that Sammy might want to equip the SGS7 with a heat pipe on account that the terminal will use an overclocked SD 820.

So assuming that the image above is legit, we can speculate on a couple of things. First, perhaps the 2016 Moto X will also use an overclocked Snapdragon 820 model. Second, if an overclocked SoC is not an option, then we can only hope that Motorola intends on using a heat pipe simply as an extra precaution, and not to avoid any overheating problems that may affect Qualcomm’s latest chipset out of the box. Heatpipe or not, we hope that the SoC is as beastly as all the early benchmarks have suggested, without holding any unpleasant surprises.

In any case, the next-gen Moto X should be many months away from its debut so there’s plenty of time for more conclusive leaks to emerge. Until then, stay tuned and feel free to share your thoughts below.