Apple To Discontinue the iPad Mini Line In Order To Concentrate On The iPad Pro? (Rumor)

Some of you who have kept an eye on the most recent reports concerning Apple’s alleged plans for the future should know that, last week, the so-called iPad Pro made a comeback in the headlines. According to this set of fresh rumors, the iPad Pro will supposedly employ a 12.2-inch display, as opposed to a 12.9-inch panel that was speculated before, and it will reportedly be equipped with two additional speakers alongside an additional microphone. The whole package will allegedly have a thin profile measuring anywhere between 6.9 and 7.1 mm. Not as thin as the 6.1 mm iPad Air 2, but still quite compact given the screen’s dimensions.

More to the point however, a new rumor has emerged and is now piling up on top of the previously speculated data. According to the Taiwanese media, the iPad Pro will not only mark Apple’s arrival on the large-screen productivity tablet niche, but it may also take the iPad Mini’s place in the line-up. More details after the break.

Apple to Discontinue the iPad Mini and Focus on the iPad Pro?

Earlier this year Apple finally decided that a 4-inch flagship smartphone is no longer appropriate given the current trends, and released two new smartphones measuring 4.7 and 5.5-inch respectively. Interestingly enough, the Cupertino-based tech giant might apply a similar strategy to its 2015 iPad line-up too. According to supply chain sources cited by the Taiwanese media, Apple might discontinue the iPad Mini series next year in order to concentrate its efforts on the iPad Pro.

This decision (says the source) might also have something to do with the dwindling sales figures of the iPad mini series. With the latest model bringing almost no improvements over the iPad mini 2, the situation could get even hairier next year and Apple could switch gears and focus on the iPad Pro instead – which also shapes up to be a strong Microsoft Surface Pro 3 rival.

What would you say if Apple will decide to discontinue the iPad mini line-up in favor of the larger model?