Apple iWatch: Flexible Display Produced By LG, 9 Million Units Sales Target for 2014 (Rumor)

As most of you should be able to recall, several days ago we’ve talked about what the industry is saying in regards to the rumored iWatch. According to some of these reports, the gadget in question is supposedly in its prototype stages of development, meaning that the iWatch will either hit the shelves at a later date than expected, or it might not go on sale at all.

But, remember, these are only rumors and nothing can be confirmed at this point. After all, the opposite side of the camp keeps suggesting that the iWatch is real and is closing in really fast, so we’re definitely rooting for this to happen rather than the other way around.

Regardless, what we wish for is rather irrelevant, but what’s important is the truth, and right now the situation appears to be in favor of Apple/smartwatch fans, as the more recent rumors suggest that the iWatch will definitely enter mass production. Check back after the break for details.

Apple iWatch Flexible Display to be Produced by LG

While we were looking to find more hints about iWatch’s whereabouts, we’ve come across some fresh reports from Korea indicating that Apple has struck a deal with LG in order to produce flexible displays for the smartwatch in question. Apparently, the Korean tech giant will be the only company to have the task of manufacturing Apple’s panels, as it’s been rumored since back in January. That’s rather odd, I must say, given the fact that most of the time, the hardware parts of Apple’s devices are produced by multiple suppliers / manufacturers.

Either way, this isn’t the first time we hear about LG’s plans to focus on ramping up its flexible screen production for wearable devices, as back in February the Korean company said that “There are many requests for plastic OLED from our smartphone (making) clients and the interest in wearable devices are pretty high“.

The insiders cited by the same source have also “reconfirmed” that the iWatch will come in two sizes, those being 1.3 and 1.5 inches, and has also added that Apple’s target is to sell 9 million iWatch units. As far as the iWatch release date is concerned, the iWatch will allegedly be released by September. We’re hoping that LG has indeed ramped up its display production, as back in February the company’s plant was able to produce a mere 10,000 flexible panels a month.

We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.