(Droid Prime) Google Nexus Prime – Rumored Release Date and Specs

There are very few devices out on the market which managed to grab so much attention as the upcoming Google Nexus Prime. The Droid Prime (as some sources are calling it) rumor mill can only be equaled and surpassed at times by the mighty Apple iPhone 5, yet we must remember that the interest in Google’s Android platform is gaining more and more ground. As such, considering that the Google Nexus Prime won’t bring only a new device to the tablet but a new version of the Android OS, we might see some more news and rumors around it. So let’s take a look at the rumored Google Nexus Prime release date and specs.

First of all, nothing is yet set in stone, seeing as Samsung has been sending out invitations to its Unpacked 2011 event which will be held on the 11th of October, we are still basically in the dark in regards to the Nexus Prime. Yet despite that, we still know a thing or two about it thanks to various tipsters out there with little to no respect towards corporate security. Despite not having much to go by, there are rumored release dates and specs for the Google Nexus Prime so, if interested, check them out below.

Google Nexus Prime Specs

For starters, the Google Nexus Prime is rumored to come with a 4.5 inch 720p Super AMOLED HD display, something which might indeed give it a huge edge when comparing the smartphone to the current lineup of devices offered up by competing manufacturers. The other highly rumored component is the presence of a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz per core so we might be talking about the Texas Instruments OMAP 4 here, but we mustn’t forget that Qualcomm also has a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor in their lineup.

The last rumored detail was in regards to a QWERTY version of the Google Nexus Prime, yet at this point, it’s still in the speculation zone. When it comes to availability, the past has brought Nexus devices to AT&T, T-Mobile as well as Sprint, yet Verizon was always shy in bringing Google’s devices to its lineup. Considering that the carrier passed on the Samsung Galaxy S2 we might be justified to think that we will be seeing the Google Nexus Prime on Verizon under the name of Droid Prime or Galaxy Nexus.

Google Nexus Prime Release Date

When thinking about release dates, we might as well be throwing darts at a calendar, however there were some rumors here and there which brought up a couple of those. One of the rumors is hinting (via an interesting riddle) at a 3rd of November Droid Prime release date, others are whispering that October is the month while one particular noire-like story regarding the Google Nexus Prime release date and specs caught our attention. However, until the 11th of October, we cannot say anything for sure and with some bad luck, we might not know it even then.

[UPDATE] Sad news people, Samsung and Google have announced that the “Unpacked” event has been postponed with no new date in sight. The official reason for the delay is that Google and Samsung didn’t think it was the “right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing“. Thanks Android Central for letting us know.

Pricing is obviously a large unknown, but judging from the pricing of new devices we might suggest that the Google Nexus Prime will be around $200 on contract, $500 (ish) off-contract while Verizon’s version might set you back $300 on contract and $550 or more off-contract, seeing as it might just come with 4G LTE aboard. For the time being this is all that we know about the upcoming Google Nexus Prime release date, specs, pricing and availability, but make sure to stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted!