First Tizen Smartphone To Be Released Next Month, in Russia?

Tizen, as a smartphone OS, truly had a bumpy ride. According to various report, Samsung was initially planning on releasing the first Tizen powered Android smartphone sometime in August or September 2013, but due to unknown reasons (some are claiming that it had something to do with the rivalry between Intel and Qualcomm) the release date has been repeatedly pushed back, even causing some analysts to confidently declare that “Tizen is dead“.

Thankfully, it looks like the platform is alive and kicking. Last month we managed to get a glimpse of Tizen’s refreshed Obsidian UI, and very recently, Samsung’s senior vice president announced that the first Tizen powered smartphone will be released towards the end of Q2. Now, we got even more info regarding when and where the aforementioned Tizen device will get released. Stay with us.


According to a Tizen centered blog with a strong track record, the first Tizen powered smartphone will be launched in Russia, as soon as next month (May). Citing a Samsung official, the same source claims that the smartphone will indeed be a high-end device, not very different than last year’s Android powered Samsung Galaxy S4.

But why Russia? Well, in its interview with Reuters, Samsung’s senior vice president said that the manufacturer will launch its Tizen smarthphones “in a few countries where we can do well“, so Russia (where Samsung’s Bada OS, which has been folded into Tizen, has done pretty good) looks indeed like a good place to start. According to the source, the roll-out will then continue with Brazil and other developing countries.

That’s all for now, but we’ll keep a close eye on the latest Tizen related developments and update you as soon as we hear something new. In the meantime let us know what do you think about Samsung’s plans with Tizen. Woul you consider getting a Samsung Galaxy S4-like Tizen device, if priced accordingly?