Rumor: Force Touch Was Initially Supposed To Be An iPhone 6s Plus Exclusive

Lately there’s been a lot of talking in regards to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, with fresh rumors suggesting that both devices will make use of the Force Touch technology. Some people in the industry seem to be of the opinion that Force Touch will be a game changer and will set the iPhone line-up apart from its rivals considerably. Others believe that Force Touch will remain a gimmick if the number of supporting apps won’t be high enough.

Whatever the case, sources in China now say that TPK will be responsible for manufacturing the Force Touch sensors for both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, despite the idea that only the larger model was originally designed to support it.

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Force Touch Was Initially an iPhone 6s Plus Exclusive (Rumor)

As some of you should recall, last month we came across a report suggesting that the iPhone 6s Plus will feature Force Touch. In addition, word on the street was that the FT sensor for the Plus model will be 2.5 more expensive compared to the Watch’s sensor, simply because it will be larger if nothing else.

Today, a fresh report from Taiwan (citing Apple’s supply chain sources) “confirmed” that Force Touch was indeed planned as an exclusive iPhone 6s Plus feature, but for whatever reason that’s no longer the case. Instead Apple will make Force Touch available on both 6s models and TPK will be the one to supply the company with all the needed modules. TPK refused to comment on these reports but industry watchers expect the manufacturer to record significant revenue growth in the second half of 2015.

If Force Touch will indeed become the norm on the next generation of iPhones, we can assume (or at least hope) that Apple’s ecosystem will have plenty of applications ready to take advantage of the different levels of pressure sensitivity. Otherwise, Force Touch might simply become an interesting “side-grade” rather than an innovative new feature ready to change the game.