Foxconn To Collaborate With SHARP In An Attempt To Secure iPhone and iPad Display Orders?

Although we’re less than 6 months away from Apple’s big time of the year when the next-gen iPhone and iPad are going to go live, it appears that hardware manufacturers are still trying to get on board with Apple’s latest products for a bit of profit. As some of you might recall, not long ago we’ve reported that Apple has reportedly decided to team up with Innolux, JDI and LG Display for the 4.7 inch panels destined for the iPhone 6. Meanwhile, the Cupertino giant has allegedly turned down the offers from Samsung and SHARP, but interestingly enough, the story doesn’t end here.

We’re now hearing reports that Foxconn intends to collaborate with SHARP in an attempt to secure orders for iPhone and iPad displays, and oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Foxconn is rumored to partner with SHARP, with the same end-goal.Foxconn

Foxconn to Cooperate with SHARP and produce iPhone and iPad Displays?

According to the latest reports from Taiwan’s United Daily News, Foxconn is currently in negotiations with SHARP in order to enter an agreement that would allow the company to use SHARP’s technological advantages in order to secure iPhone and iPad display orders.

Interestingly enough, back in June 2013 there have been reports suggesting that Foxconn might be teaming up with SHARP for the same reasons as this year: Foxconn wants a bigger piece of the Apple pie. Granted, the aforementioned company is already collaborating tightly with Apple, but Foxconn is responsible mostly for the assembly of the iPhone and iPad, and not for supplying parts.

In any case, this may be one of those pipe-dreams that may never come to pass, but only time will tell if Foxconn will manage to strike a deal with SHARP, and of course Apple. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.