Google Nexus 7 (32GB and 3G HSPA+) – Release Date and Price Guide

We’ve kept a close eye on Google during the past few weeks and we’ve heard some pretty cool stories during this period of time. The LG Nexus 4 has been one of the most talked-about gadgets lately and finally, the handset is out of the bag and its specs, release date and price have been fully unveiled.

We’ve also kept our eyes on two new and upcoming Nexus 7 models, those being the 32GB WIFI, and the 3G / HSPA+ enabled 32GB versions. Whether or not you were skeptical about the previous leaks and rumors doesn’t really matter at this point because Google has made both these models official. More details below.Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 32GB / 32GB + 3G HSPA+ – Release Date and Price

Alright folks, let’s make a quick recap in terms of hardware specs. Besides the fact that these new Nexus 7 models come with more storage and one of them includes a 3G/HSPA+ radio, there aren’t any other differences so you’ll still get the same CPU, amount of RAM, display and all that good stuff.

With that in mind, let’s talk about prices, but before that, we should point out that, at this moment, the Nexus 7 with 8GB of storage is out of stock, and will remain that way. The new line-up will consist in the current 16 GB model, a 32 GB WiFi-only and a 3G-enabled 32 GB version.

Now, getting back to the matter of affordability, Google has decided to lower the price of the 16 GB model so it will now set you back $199 instead of $249. This makes room in this particular market segment for the other two contenders, and as a result, the 32 GB WiFi-only 7 incher will be sold at $249, whereas the 3G HSPA+ Nexus 7 will set you back $299.

That’s a pretty good deal and it looks like Google is not keen on giving Apple any chance with its iPad Mini. In fact, if you think about it, the 3G Google Nexus 7 with 32 GB of storage will cost $30 less than the WiFi-only 16 GB iPad Mini. Not to mention the fact that the N7 brings better overall specs in the first place. That’s crazy!

As for the exact release date, the good news continues. You’ll be able to buy either one of these newer N7 models starting with November 13th, so sit back, relax and good things will come. Are you interested?

Thanks The Verge for the heads-up regarding the Google Nexus 7 (32GB and 3G HSPA+) release date and price.