HTC Droid DNA 2 / HTC Butterfly 2 / HTC DLX Plus – Release Date Scheduled For Late Q2/Early Q3 ?

A few days ago we’ve stumbled across an interesting find, indicating that the HTC Butterfly 2 / Droid DNA 2 might already be in the testing phase.

The handset in question has surfaced before, under the codename DLXPLUS – a clear indicator that the device is a successor of the original Butterfly / DNA, whose codename was “DLX”.

Now, according to sources, we might have found out a release date timeframe for the device, so if you’re planning on buying an HTC flagship but you’re not yet convinced as to which one you should choose, this might interest you.

HTC Droid DNA 2 / HTC Butterfly 2 – Release Date

According to @LlabTooFeR, a pretty accurate source of information in regards to HTC smartphones, the DLXPLUS will most likely hit the market in late Q2 – early Q3.

This bit of information was given when a follower asked whether or not he should buy the original Droid DNA. The original answer was to get either the HTC One, or wait for the DLX+ to hit the shelves.

This sounds like a reasonable course of action, but we should remind you that, even if the Butterfly 2 is in the works and it’s intended for a Q2-Q3 launch, chances are that the US launch of the device will happen through Verizon, same as last year. That being the case, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the Droid DNA 2 will arrive a bit later than the Butterfly 2.

With all that in mind, if you’re looking for an HTC flagship right now, I’d suggest you go with the HTC One. Waiting anywhere along the lines of 6 months for a new device is not ideal, especially when the current flagship is just a few weeks old. By the time the DNA 2 goes on sale, you’ll probably expect the One + / One 2 or something like that, and you’ll be stuck in a loop.

In any case, we’ll continue to keep an eye out on the DLXPLUS so stay tuned.