HTC Made Nexus 9 Gets Officially Acknowledged By Taiwan’s FCC Equivalent

The HTC Nexus 9 has become one of the most anticipated tablets of the year, not necessarily because it’s a Nexus, but mainly because it’s supposed to be a Nexus device made by HTC, and a tablet at that. Up until now there have been tons of leaks and rumors to “confirm” the tablet’s existence and HTC’s involvement in its development, and even NVIDIA spilled the beans several weeks ago, when it confirmed that the Tegra K1 Denver SoC is planned to make its way towards the market under the hood of the HTC Nexus 9.

Regardless, the obvious conclusion is that the device is not yet official. Google and HTC are keeping quiet, so if you’re still skeptical about this whole deal, then today we’ve come across yet another piece of the puzzle that ought to convince you otherwise.Nexus 9 NCC 2

HTC Nexus 9 Officially Acknowledged by the NCC

Following the earlier leaked Nexus 9 photo that traveled the blogosphere today at the speed of light, the fabled HTC Nexus 9 is once again making it into our headlines, as the tablet has been reconfirmed by Taiwan’s FCC equivalent known as the NCC (National Communications Commission).

The screenshot you see above has been pulled from the NCC’s database and needless to say, it outright confirms that a “Nexus 9″ manufactured by “HTC” (which is headquartered in Taiwan, of course) has paid the authorities a visit. In addition, the tablet’s model number “0P82100″ is the same as the one we’ve seen in the filings of the RRA (the Radio Research Agency – or the equivalent of the FCC in South Korea), back when the Nexus 9 was referred to mainly as the “Volantis” and the “Flounder”.

Taking into consideration the increased pace at which the Nexus 9 has been surfacing lately, one thing is clear: the tablet’s release dat is just around the corner. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get a sneak peak at HTC’s upcoming October 8th, NYC event.

So there you have it people, the HTC Nexus 9 is as real as it can get without an official announcement. Speaking of which, the official launch shouldn’t be far either, given the increasing number of sightings. Is anyone excited for the tablet’s eventual release?