HTC Says Nexus 9 Marks Its Return To The Tablet Market

As time goes by and each day brings us closer to October 16, the fabled HTC Nexus 9 continues to make its way into the headlines. After all, the Nexus 9 is one of the most anticipated tablets of the year, so the increasing number of N9-related reports shouldn’t take anyone by surprise.

In any case, today we bring you some more bits of the Nexus 9 puzzle, as Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia recently broke the silence and briefly discussed what the N9 represents for the company. Keep on scrolling for the full story, right after the break.


HTC Says the Nexus 9 Marks its Return to the Tablet Market

As most of you should know, HTC and Google have quite a bit of history. After all, the first Nexus smartphone released back in 2010 was manufactured by HTC (not to mention the first Android powered smartphone ever). You may also know that HTC dabbled in the tablet game several years ago, when it released a couple of tablets that sadly failed to make an impact. The reasons were many, from the immaturity of the Android OS for tablets, to the gadget’s high prices.

Whatever the case, HTC hasn’t released a tablet in years, which makes its involvement in the development of the Nexus 9 a very interesting fact. Even more interesting is that the president of HTC North Asia, Jack Tong, recently told the press in New York that the Nexus 9 marks “HTC’s commitment” to return to the tablet market after roughly three years of absence.

He also said that HTC Corp. is planning to release the 8.9-inch Nexus tablet in Taiwan sometime by the end of 2014. The slate has been approved by the NCC a couple of days ago.

In any case, right now there’s really no secret that HTC is indeed the manufacturer behind the Nexus 9. What really got our interest going though, is the idea that HTC could rejoin the tablet game with new tablets other than the Nexus. I guess it all depends on the success of the Nexus 9, so only time will tell whether or not the Taiwanese company will indeed rejoin the tablet game in the true sense of the word.