HTC One Ace To Be Officially Announced in Early June?

Last year HTC hasn’t been one of the most active manufacturers around, but thanks to its “hero smartphone” (HTC One M7), the company in question managed to remain relevant, as it remained under the spotlight for a good portion of 2013.

This year the tables have turned, and HTC appears to be one of the most active companies around, launching the HTC One M8 on the same date of its announcement, making the One Mini 2 official, and unveiling a handful of new smartphones wearing the “Desire” moniker. More so, HTC is also rumored to work on a QHD variant of the HTC One M8, dubbed the “Prime”.

But leaving the aforementioned handsets aside, one of the most interesting developments during these past several weeks have hinted that the Taiwanese smartphone maker is planning on releasing a budget-friendlier version of the One M8, called the “One Ace”. Now we’ve come across new reports, suggesting that the Ace’s official announcement is closing in very fast.Plastic HTC One M8 Ace

HTC One Ace to be Announced in Early June?

According to sources of ePrice, the HTC One Ace will supposedly hit the stage on June 3, which means that the smartphone could become a reality in less than two weeks from now, and will be available in a variety of colors.

This theory has a certain weight to it, given the fact that throughout the past couple of weeks or so, HTC has teased this plastic (yet fashionable) flagship phone via its numerous social media accounts. As anyone familiar with how things work in the mobile world would let you know, once a smartphone is being teased by its maker, then you can be certain that an official unveiling is not too far behind either.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Ace’s story, the smartphone in question has been initially rumored back in April, and not too long ago the gadget’s final design might’ve also been revealed through a leaked render. The idea behind the Ace is to offer M8-worthy hardware specifications at roughly half the price. In order to achieve this, HTC had to cut some corners, and the Ace’s internals are said to be bundled in a plastic shell instead of a metal one. However, the Taiwanese manufacturer seems bound and determined to create a “fashionable” device, so even if the Ace is/will be using plastic materials, it shouldn’t feel or look cheap. Whether or not HTC will manage to pull this off remains to be seen. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to speed.