Huawei Ascend P7 Spin-Off To Feature a Sapphire Display?

Huawei’s influence on the mobile market is on the rise -not only in China, but also on the international market- and based on recent developments it appears that the company in question has big plans for the future. Apparently Huawei’s intentions aren’t to become one of those tech giant that floods the market with countless products; instead it seems that the Chinese manufacturer wishes to become a premium player.

In a recent interview with 21st Century Business Herald, Yu Chengdong (Huawei Device Chairman and Consumer BG CEO) revealed what the company’s next 3 big steps are in order for Huawei to reach its goals. Join us after the break for the full story.


Huawei Ascend P7 Spin-Off to Pack a Sapphire Display?

The first big step mentioned by Yu Chengdong was that Huawei will continue to release “shocking products”, and to add more weight to his claims Yu pulled out a Huawei Ascend P7 with sapphire display and showed it to the reporter.

Evidently, the first thought that popped-up into our minds was that Huawei will release a premium Ascend P7 spin-off (like the original is not premium enough), featuring sapphire glass. Then again, even if the P7 will not receive the sapphire treatment, it’s pretty obvious that Huawei has considered the possibility of using this material in its upcoming flagship devices.

Another big step for the company will be to further expand its e-commerce business and to open new e-commerce channels. Perhaps this will lead to an increased market presence in the western hemisphere, but one can only hope.

Finally, Yu Chengdong said that the third big step is to increase brand awareness. In addition, the chairman revealed that Huawei is not looking to make a quick profit in the short term. Instead, the company is willing to play the waiting game, or as he puts it “Huawei is a marathon type of player”. Yu Chengdong even drew a parallel between the mobile market and the automotive industry, and suggested that Huawei does not wish to become the Volkswagen of the mobile world. Instead, the company aims at becoming a premium player like Audi or Porsche. To this end, Huawei now claims that it’s no longer willing to manufacture ultra-low-end white-box devices at the request of the mobile operators.

All in all, the Chinese manufacturer seems to have big plans for the future, but only time will tell whether or not Huawei will manage to pull it off. In the meantime, we’re hoping to hear more about this mysterious Huawei Ascend P7 spin-off with sapphire glass. Stay tuned for more.