Huawei’s Next Flagship (Mulan) Resurfaces (Specs, Pics, Announcement)

Near the end of May we’ve been able to dig out some rather interesting bits of information regarding Huawei’s next flagship smartphone, which apparently is codenamed “Mulan”. The handset in question has been spotted in AnTuTu, boasting a Full HD display and a Kirin 8-core processor under the hood.

Given these details, the Mulan started to sound a lot like the upcoming “stunning” top-tier smartphone mentioned by Huawei’s Senior VP at the beginning of April, and given the fact that the Senior VP has also specified that the device will boast a range of “unique features“, our interest in this gadget continued to grow with each new leak and rumor.

Needless to say, today we circle back to the Mulan, as a handful of pictures, benchmark results and a number new details regarding the device’s hardware specs have just hit the Chinese blogosphere.

[UPDATE] A new alleged render of Huawei’s upcoming entry in the Honor / Glory series has surfaced.

As you can see, the rendered phone has a slightly different design when compared to the below shots, at least when looked at from the sides.


Huawei’s Next Flagship Phone Resurfaces

First things first, let’s talk about the design for a few seconds. While the source hasn’t been able to share any renders depicting the smartphone’s front or rear cover, the Mulan sure looks a lot like the Huawei Ascend P1 from the sides. Is that a good thing, a bad thing? Why don’t you let us know in the comment section?

Moving on to specs and benchmark scores, just like we were expecting, the Mulan appears to be powered by an 8-core Kirin920 CPU clocked at 1.3 GHz, a Mali-T624 graphics chip and 3 GB of RAM. The package seems to be capable of scoring 37,999 points in AnTuTu, way ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (which is still a more than capable handset).

Other features are a 1080 x 1920 display, 16 GB of storage and a 13 MP main camera which is paired up with a 5.1 MP secondary shooter. The gadget runs on Android 4.4.2, covered by Huawei’s proprietary Emotion 2.3 user interface.


So far so good, but the story doesn’t end here, as a different source shed more light on the alleged announcement date of the Huawei Mulan. As you can tell from the image above, the handset in question is supposedly planned to hit the stage on the 16th day of April.

This pretty much wraps up this fresh stream of leaks, but only time will tell how many of these details will come to pass. As always, stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more.

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