IFA 2014: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Gear Glass, Wearables, Curved OLED TVs and More

With CES, MWC, Computex 2014 and the WWDC out of the way, we’re now looking forward to some of the upcoming big press conferences / consumer electronic shows which are scheduled for the second half of the year. Evidently, we can’t ignore the Google I/O event, where Android is expected to take a new step forward, and where the Nexus 8 tablet might finally become official. However, our eyes are also fixed on IFA 2014, especially given the fact that numerous gadget manufacturers are expected to bring their big guns at this year’s edition of the event.

Just as it’s been the case in previous years, Samsung is also going to play a big role at IFA in Berlin, as the Korean tech giant is expected to officially announce its next phablet in the Note series. While the aforementioned sequel would be enough for us to remain interested in Samsung’s “booth” at IFA, word is that the Korean tech giant has a lot more in store for us this year. Check out the full story below.


IFA 2014: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Gear Glass, Wearables and More

According to the Korean Media, citing a senior executive at one of Samsung’s top local suppliers, at this year’s edition, Samsung will not only launch the Galaxy Note 4, but the company is also said to lift the veil on the rumored Gear Glass eyepiece, as well as a slew of new wearables.

In addition, Sammy has allegedly prepared a few curved OLED TVs, and overall, the company supposedly plans on showing off its ability to become more of a solution provider, rather than a hardware supplier. As such, the tech giant will expand the smart home services to new areas beyond home appliances. This includes home security solutions as well as energy management.

Finally, we’ll circle back to the Galaxy Note 4, as the source has also suggested that the phablet will come in two main flavors, one which is destined for niche markets as it packs a curved (perhaps Youm) OLED display, and another variant that uses a more conventional flat OLED display, targeted at mass marketing.

Whatever the case, Samsung appears to have big plans for IFA 2014, so we’re quite eager to see how all of this will pan out. Any thoughts?