iPad Pro: 4GB of RAM Confirmed By Adobe

Yesterday, Apple had its big annual announcement where the new iPhone 6s lineup was introduced, much to the expectations of everyone in the industry. And after a couple of years of dealing with various leaks and rumors on the matter, the fabled iPad Pro also hit the stage and became a reality.

During yesterday’s keynote, Apple revealed a ton of exciting things about the new iPad, including some display technologies and characteristics, along with a few details about performance and accessories (such as the Apple Pencil and the keyboard cover for a touch of productivity). However, while the Cupertino giant was kind enough to reveal the new A9X chip powering the large 12.9-inch slate, the company failed to mention the amount of RAM working along with the CPU. Thankfully, Adobe just spilled the beans in one of its recent press releases and confirmed that the iPad Pro will pack 4GB of RAM. More details below.


iPad Pro: 4GB of RAM Confirmed

As expected given iPad Pro’s productivity-oriented approach, one of the developers who stepped on the stage yesterday during Apple’s keynote was Adobe. The company showcased some of the next-gen Creative Cloud applications, including the brand new Photoshop Fix, along with Adobe Comp CC and Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

The developer also had the opportunity to showcase how these applications can be used in iOS 9’s multitasking environment, and needless to say everything went quite smoothly. No wonder, given that the iPad Pro is apparently equipped with 4GB of RAM.

This has yet to be confirmed by Apple, but as we’ve mentioned above, Adobe revealed the amount of 4GB of RAM in its recent press release regarding the aforementioned Creative Cloud apps, so we assume that the information is accurate.

In any case, 4GB of RAM should be plenty for productivity, especially for iOS users. It now remains to be seen if Apple made similar changes in its iPhone lineup too. Stay tuned.