iPhone 5S Mini Surfaces In China: Obviously Fake But Interesting

It’s no mystery that the Android smartphone market tends to advance towards larger displays each and every year, and interestingly enough, this trend might’ve carried over to the Apple side of things as well. Based on to the countless leaks and rumors that have constantly surfaced during these past several months, Apple has decided to kick it up a notch, and deliver a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 by the end of the year. More so, the Cupertino-based giant could join the phablet market too, with a 5.5 inch smartphone that could boast intriguing features such as sapphire glass.

In any case, the point of the matter is that, with larger Android smartphones popping-up like there’s no tomorrow, there are a lot of Android customers who would rather own a powerful yet compact device. To this end, numerous manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and even LG have decided to create “Mini” spin-offs based on their latest flagship phones.

But what if Apple will find itself in this situation soon? What if the next iPhone is going to be large enough so that it may require its own “Mini” variation?

iPhone- 5S Mini

iPhone 5S Mini Surfaces in China – Fake but Interesting

Now, now, we know what you’re thinking, but hold your horses for a minute. We’re evidently aware of the fact that the 4-inch iPhone 5S is not in need of a “Mini” spin-off, and as we’ve mentioned in the title and subtitle above, the “iPhone 5S Mini” you see in the leaked image is most likely a fake.

Nevertheless, it’s a rather amusing and interesting fake, and in fact, it actually got us thinking. We’ve never considered the possibility that Apple could run into issues in the future, by switching to larger displays. Evidently, while fake, this leaked image made us wonder whether or not Apple might’ve actually considered the possibility of creating a “Mini” variation of its next iPhones, once the line-up makes a shift towards larger screens.

If Apple has indeed taken this idea into account, we’re fairly sure that the final product will not look as ridiculous as the gadget depicted above. But the big question still remains unanswered: could Apple deliver a “Mini” smartphone in the future?

Apple already supports its older products and keeps them up to date on a yearly basis. With iOS 8, the oldest iPhone to take advantage of the firmware will be the iPhone 4S. With that being said, Apple already has a “Mini” smartphone in its line-up, and the only reason why the company would launch an “iPhone 5S Mini” would be to wrap the internals in a new case, for marketing purposes, just as they did with the iPhone 5C.

So, in a nutshell, Apple is most likely not working on an iPhone 5S Mini, and chances are that the company will not find itself in a situation where a “Mini” handset will be required in order to satisfy a portion of its customer base anytime soon. Any thoughts? Feel free to share them below.